10 Useful Ways to Describe Your Business

As a journalist and copywriter, I talk with people who often find words challenging. That’s not to say they can’t string a sentence together. No, it means they find it hard to generate written copy to promote their products or services.

I’d be happy if business owners just came to me to write their copy and content for their websites. With over 12 years experience as a journalist and more years as a writer, I have the expertise to help you.

However, in the interests of providing you with information useful to your business, you’ll find these 10 ways to describe your business thought provoking and useful.

10 Useful Ways to Describe Your Business

At least you SHOULD find them thought provoking and useful because, in my experience, most business owners don’t ask themselves these questions about their own products and services. Whether you are creating a brochure, website content or sales document, think about these questions and write down your answers.

  1. Consider each question in relation to your business
  2. Write down whatever answers or thoughts come to mind when you think about each question. Don’t worry about order or sense at this point
  3. When you have finished, one question or all of them, set aside your answers and thoughts for a while.
  4. Come back refreshed and re-consider your answers
  5. Formulate copy/text relevant to where you need people to see the information, i.e. website, brochure, e-newsletter, and relevant to the target audience. For example, you may wish to vary the copy slightly if you audience is men AND women, because men and women respond to messages differently
  6. Ensure you have shorter sentences, not long ones.
  7. Avoid technical jargon (unless it’s suitable for the audience)
  8. Consider having a professional cast their eye over the final copy

You don’t have to use all 10 questions in your copy and you might find a revealing gem amongst your answers.

10 Useful Ways to Describe Your Business

Consider how you’d answer these questions, and create 10 useful ways to describe your business.

  1. Why is this product made the way it is?
  2. What consumer problems, desires, and needs is it designed for?
  3. What’s special about it—why does it fulfill a consumer’s needs better than the competition?
  4. Who says so besides you?
  5. What are your strongest proof elements to make your case believable?
  6. What are all the product’s best features and how does each translate into a consumer benefit?
  7. If you had unlimited funds, how would you improve this product?
  8. Who are its heavy users—the 20 percent who generate 80 percent of sales?
  9. What irresistible offers might trigger an explosion in sales?
  10. What premiums can be tossed into the mix to press your prospects’ hot buttons

As I mentioned, you don’t have to answer them all and you don’t have to include all answers in your copy. Pick out what is highly relevant and memorable for your target audience.

If you require professional services, please ask me how we can help you here at Insanely Clever Marketing. I’d love you to join me on social media through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for more useful information and free business tips.


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