Have All the Good Business Ideas Gone?

Do you find yourself randomly staring at a blank piece of paper or a chalkboard with nothing on it? In business, ideas are everything. But it can seem like all the good business ideas have been taken already. Is this true?

Good business ideas are the foundation for everything else. But have all the good ideas been taken? So, you come up with an idea. Then you do some quick research on Google only to find that others are doing what you thought was a unique idea. What should you do? What if all the really good business ideas have gone?

An Original Idea Is Going to Spawn Hundreds of Imitators

You don’t need to be completely different from the crowd in order to be successful. We have to remember that in essence, there is no such thing as a new idea, but just a revamped peng of old ones. If you look at a company like Franchise Direct, you can see there are hundreds of different types of ideas within one industry.

Music doesn’t just mean tutoring, but can be a whole school of resources to help children become musicians. So this is why we have to remember that a good business idea is essentially a combination of others. A good idea is a good one because it already has hundreds of imitators. The important thing is making yourself, and your good business ideas, unique. 

Smiling female employee sit in coworking space and working on the project. Front view

What Does it Take to Be Unique? 

A unique business is going to appeal to the target market. In order for a successful business to take off, you need to sell the right product to the right people. Sometimes we can sell something that’s been in existence, but just target it to someone else.

For example, a product that was originally geared to the older generation could be repurposed and sold to a younger generation. In essence, this is what will make the business unique because it is putting a spin on something we all know. Sometimes we can come up with a unique idea, but uniqueness is only defined by the product.

A new and exciting product is going to have people interested in it purely for the novelty factor. And this is something that we all have to remember when we are trying to come up with the perfect business idea. The product is the key, not necessarily anything else. 

There Is Nothing New Under The Sun

Steve Jobs did not invent the computer, but he made the invention a lot better and has been hailed as an innovator in the field, and this means that to be new, you don’t have to create something different, but you need to be unique.

Create that excellent twist on something everybody already knows. And this is where listening to your competitors can help you. Look at what is out there, and then you spy the gap in the market which can help you tailor something that’s not necessarily new but different to that market.

It’s also important to remember that if you want to stand out in a market with an idea that no one else is doing, there could be a good reason this idea is not being done.

You may like the idea but if nobody else does, it’s not going to work. No, all the good business ideas have been taken, especially if you add your uniqueness to the mix.

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