How to Market Your Website to the Top of Google Search Results

The importance of search engines is well-known to everyone. 75% of online activity begins at search engines.

Yet, few people look past the first page of results when they’re searching for something. So, getting your business to that holy grail of a first page is essential for a successfully run business.

There are a variety of factors that go into getting to the first page. Whether it’s content, SEO, campaigns, or paid assistance, there are several paths you can take to find success. As always, though, you’ll find the best results come when you employ more than one of these techniques.

But what are the techniques, and how do they work?

Google Ads

Photo by Firmbee on Pixabay

Google Ads (or Google AdWords, as we previously knew them) is a useful platform for smaller businesses looking to get on page one of the results pages. With Google Ads, you can bid to display targeted advertisements on page one of google search results.

You may recognize these from your own use of google. When you search for something, there are often two or three pages at the very top with ‘Ad’ written next to them. They are usually relevant to what you’ve searched, and – now you know – they have been paid for to be put there.

Of course, as Google Ads appear at the very top of results, they are highly likely to be clicked on by searchers and so will bring more traffic to your site.

The best thing about Google Ads is that they are relatively instantaneous. Once your bid has been declared successful, your ad will go out instantly. As a result, you should see your online site’s traffic rise almost immediately.

Therefore, Google Ads is a great short-term quick influx of visitors, if that’s what you need. Many of the other options outlined here are more long-term processes.

Using a Google Ads consultant can help you to use Google Ads in the most effective way for your company. 


Any marketer worth their salt will be familiar with SEO. If so, you should know how essential good SEO practices are to high rankings in search engines.

SEO-conscious keywords are essential for helping searchers find your content. When someone searches, they tend to use specific words – try to match your keywords to the kind of things your target demographic will be searching for.

This way, you should rise up the rankings due to relevancy – something search engines will be able to pick out easily when you use SEO-conscious keywords in your text, title, and meta description.

Frequent content

Photo by StockSnap on Pixabay

Having good SEO will only affect your online business if you are putting out frequent content containing this good SEO.

With more frequent content, you have a higher chance of reaching the top rankings. Plus, with higher visibility, searchers are more likely to trust and turn to your website when they are looking for content.

If you have frequent content rolling out, all with excellent SEO, you should see your posts rising to the top of the rankings in time. SEO and content-related techniques often take a while to show results, but once they do, they are often consistent results.

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