What Will You Lose?

what will you lose

#What will you lose?

Customers would rather NOT LOSE something than gain something. Instead of saying “This software will save you $50 per day in overtime costs” its more effective to say “You are losing $13,000 per year in reduced production” It’s called Selling the Consequences. What will you lose if you don’t provide this advice to customers?


Jeffry Fox, in his book ‘How To Be A Marketing Superstar’ says every benefit can be dollarised. Every benefit from every product can be expressed in the dollars and cents it delivers to the customer.

The benefit can be presented as a saving for  the customer, or as the cost of going without the solution. Fewer than 5% of companies ground their product claims on benefits to the customer.

Customers don’t want to lose. Influence customers by showing them the cost of going without. Ethically warn them what they will lose if they don’t buy your product or service.

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