Marketing Shouldn’t Be Hard Work – Here’s How To Have Fun

How To Have Fun

Looking for ways to have fun in business? It can’t all be work, work, work, surely?

The pressure to create an impressive marketing strategy does and always will exist. Unfortunately, it is the nature of being in business. But, the pressure should never slip into your work.

As soon as it does, the entire workload will start to suffer, especially from a marketing point of view. Branding and advertising should be fun and breezy to catch the audience’s attention, not cynical and boring. The more the firm strays from being fun, the less the strategy will work. As you can see, having a sense of enjoyment is pivotal to your success. With that in mind, here are a few ways you can put the fun back into marketing.

How To Have Fun

How To Have Fun : Pun Intended


The age of the pun is on the decline thanks to Google and its SEO-reliant algorithm. Nowadays, it is more efficient to use long headings filled with keywords and phrases than it is to be witty. Still, that doesn’t mean there isn’t a place for puns in marketing. For starters, not all marketing is online, so anything that is offline is the perfect place to get creative. A poster or a leaflet, for instance, are just two offline methods that still work to this day (shock). And, there are places on the site where is a pun is useful. Headings might be out of bounds, but subheadings are well within the boundaries. Consumers appreciate humour, and good puns are funny.


How To Have Fun : Lighten Up


There are so many serious companies in the industry today that it’s depressing. Almost every firm wants to tell their audience about how good they are and what they do to make life better, and they are deadly serious. The banking sector does it to this day without the slightest hint of irony. Whereas you view these businesses with suspicion, you love the ones (probably) that make light of their reputation. McDonald’s has a great advert at the minute where they laugh at their chickens for being ten feet tall and genetically enhanced.  Not only is it funny, but it cleverly parodies the reputation of their menu while dispelling the rumour. It’s genius.

How To Have Fun

How To Have Fun : Involve The Customer


Customers love to get involved because it makes them feel special. And, you want them to get involved because you want to raise awareness of your brand. The good news is it is simple to achieve. All you have to do is come up with a way to engage your audience that is fun and enjoyable. Does it sound hard? It isn’t because you can use methods from quizzes to competitions to achieve your target. Customers love them as they are fun, but they also offer value like a gift or a prize. It’s very simple and so effective.


How To Have Fun : Leave It To Someone Else


If you are wondering what the best way to make marketing fun again is, it is to take the responsibility off your shoulders. After all, a marketing agency that will do everything you need for the right price isn’t hard to find. Although the cost might put you off, it is sometimes better to pay the money than waste your own time and energy.


In fact, marketing is often best left in someone else’s hands, especially if they are experts.

How To Have Fun

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