How To Make Your Staff Laugh

Make Your Staff Laugh

Have you ever thought about how to make your staff laugh? Or at least happy. The hardest part of being an employer is juggling the mammoth task of keeping your business operational whilst also ensuring the cogs that keep the system running (the people you employ) are running happily themselves.


Unfortunately, you don’t rely on machines or statistics to keep a company constantly and consistently progressing forward; you rely on human beings to market the brand, meet deadlines, and deliver high-quality goods or services on a consistent and continuous basis. You ask a lot of your staff, but there’s no other way to achieve success in a business.

Make Your Staff Laugh


Of course, your employees have big boots to fill and you expect a lot of them in terms of the work they produce. That doesn’t mean you as the employer can’t return the favour. How about meeting their demands and helping to make them feel a little more human and a little more valued during the workday? If you’re struggling with where to begin, here are some great pieces of advice to help you, as the employer, better cater to your staff and create a better company.


Make your staff laugh by not spreading the business too thinly.

This is a major mistake that so many employers make. As you grow quickly, you might be tempted to keep pushing onwards and save costs wherever you can by loading your workers with the new, increased, additional workload. Whilst it’s good to test and train your employees’ strengths, along with their determination to succeed in the business, adrenaline can only get a person so far. Before you know it they’ve tgot oo much work and too few hours in the day. You shouldn’t be under-hiring or demanding too much of the employees you’ve already hired. Otherwise, their productivity will drop and your company will suffer as a result; even if it has been experiencing massive growth recently.

Make Your Staff Laugh


Make your staff laugh by addressing problems.

This is a crucial piece of advice. Employees who feel as if nobody is listening to them are likely to become frustrated and feel undervalued. You need to give importance to the issues of your staff, as they are important. Big problems can arise between colleagues or simply in terms of lawsuits through a failure to pay attention to issues which might have taken place in the office. You might consider Ellis Whittam for help with your human resources department, as the key to looking after your staff is ensuring that they are heard. If you address problems as and when employees come to speak to you or someone else in the company, then you avoid the risk of a bitter, frustrated, but quiet workforce which comes around to haunt you further down the line.

Make Your Staff Laugh


Make your staff laugh by brightening up the office environment.

Our surroundings have a huge effect on our mindset. Consider designing the office of your company to promote and encourage productivity and creativity, rather than stifling joy or creating an uninspired environment through dull, grey colours, uncomfortable chairs and poor lighting. Simply sprucing up the place with plants, natural light, the freedom for employees to personalise their workstation and colours around the place will really make a difference.

Make Your Staff Laugh


Of course, the problem may simply be that there is no escape for members of your staff. That’s why you could turn the break room into a real break room. Perks of the business can make a real impact on your employees, and simply installing a pool table or a TV in the break room could really make lunches a bit more exciting than drinking a cup of tea before returning back to work. You need to inspire and re-energise your employees whenever you get the chance.

You need to inspire and re-energise your employees whenever you get the chance.

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