Best Ideas For Refreshing Your Digital Marketing

digital marketing

Modern digital marketing has been one of the best things to happen to the international business arena in years. It’s made professional branding standards so much more accessible and levelled the playing field between fledgling start-ups and their larger competitors.


However, there’s also one major downside to digital marketing: it never sits still! With the feverish way that online marketing standards have been developing, it’s become necessary for business owners like you to take a proactive approach to updating their marketing often enough. If you think it’s about that time again, here are a few ideas for refreshing your marketing…


digital marketing

Live Video Streaming

Live video streaming has been around for long enough that it’s no longer a novelty, and while it may not be the most common kind of content in the world, it’s certainly picked up a lot of traction in a short space of time. With the massive proportion of people who own mobile devices and use them regularly to watch videos, live streaming isn’t expected to disappear anytime soon!

Obviously, you don’t want to be one of the only brands that’s lagging behind, and failing to take advantage of this exciting young format. Publishing a live video stream, or simply a personal, ad-libbed update on some other content, will not only inform your target market, but also engage them, and encourage them to return to your brand again and again for similar cool stuff!


digital marketing

Adapt to a Dynamic Search Algorithm

As the owner of your website, it’s essential that you’re on top of the latest SEO news, as Google changes its search algorithm all the time! Every little tweak that Google makes will have an impact on the way that your website ranks in SERPs. If you’re failing to keep up to date on these tweaks and make changes accordingly, then your site is going to have a hard time reaching its potential.

Aside from reading up on algorithm updates regularly, you need to focus on giving all your website visitors an absolutely amazing user experience, both through general standards of service and through content that’s immediately engrossing. When Google sees that people are sticking around on your site rather than bouncing straight back to a page of search results, it can do a lot for your rankings.


Aim for Unique, Quality Content

Producing the best possible content for the current state of your niche is obviously easier said than done. There’s already a lot of noise filling up the internet, with every other website putting out all kinds of useless clutter disguised as content and information. As hard as it may be, your brand is going to have no chance of making a splash in its industry unless you make a point of publishing the best content you can.

Countless marketing posts like this one: Time To Get Serious About Your Online Marketing are always touching on the importance of content in the form of both blog posts and social media content. As you can imagine, you’re probably not going to strike gold if you’re new to content marketing. However, it’s important to remember that no one has the exact same knowledge and professional experiences as you do, and no one will spin that online content in quite the same way you will. Find a voice that will resonate with your target market, and you’ll have very little else to worry about!


digital marketing

Prepare for Voice Search

Finally, we’ll look at a facet of marketing that’s only just beginning to come into its own. Believe it or not, voice search, something that seemed like such a gimmick only a few years ago, is going to shape the future of online marketing considerably in the foreseeable future. Like many, your phone’s voice search function may be a little hit-and-miss, in which case you’ll probably avoid using it more often than not.

However, various journals have predicted that half of all online searches will be voice-based by 2020. If the 21st century has taught us anything, it’s that this is just the beginning. If your website hasn’t been set up to respond to natural and conversational voice searches, you’re going to be stuck behind the competition in the space of only a few years. Read up on optimising your content for voice searches, and keep on top of the various best practices that you come up with. While many of your close competitors will be tripping over themselves trying to catch up, you’ll have already been crafting content for a number of years.

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