Top Ten Recession Busting Marketing Tips

These Top Ten Recession Busting Marketing Tips have proved very popular with clients so I’m sharing them with you as I know they are a valued resource. If you are in any business you will find them imperative for promoting your business and gaining more sales.

1.Cross-Promote: Link with a complimentary company and cross-promote each others products and services.

Examples: a fashion boutique and a make-up artist; a delicatessen and a home wares shop. Think outside the square. A commercial cleaner and a chocolate factory? Yes, a company that cleans homes or offices can leave ‘thank you’ samples of chocolates with a note to say where they are from.

Think ‘free samples’ and being memorable.

Top Ten Recession Busting Marketing Tips

2. Add-Value: Instead of discounting an expensive dress, make a gift of a scarf, bracelet or pair of earrings. Instead of reducing the price of your service, offer an extra service for the original price. The gifted item or service will likely cost a business much less than providing a discount, and be valued more.

3. Permission Marketing: Your business will benefit from having a more credible profile and audience who invite you to talk to them about your products and services. Develop a simple online newsletter (e-news) or direct mail newsletter that provides interested parties with new, relevant and useful information that will benefit them.

Top Ten Recession Busting Marketing Tips

4. Create News: Work effectively with the media and provide journalists with credible, newsworthy and interesting information suitable for their audience. Don’t provide advertising masquerading as news; understand their audience and their needs. Provide an angle that informs, educates or warns.

5. Hold an Event: Invite customers and potential customers to your office or factory for a tour followed by a light lunch or after work drinks. If you can’t host people in this way, use a local hotel to host clients to a light lunch, or drinks & nibbles, provide information about your business and also get to know their needs better.

6. Speak in Public: Offer to be a guest speaker on your topic of expertise at a conference or business lunch. Service clubs often are looking for people to speak on interesting topics. Contact your local Business Enterprise Centre or Industry Association and investigate opportunities to speak to their members.

Top Ten Recession Busting Marketing Tips

7. Call to Action: Whether it’s an advertisement, brochure, flier, website text or direct mail letter, always include a call to action. Tell the recipient what you want then to do.

Examples: “Visit our website” or “Call us now” or “First 10 Callers Only” or “Order Now” or “Come and see us now”. This simple addition will make a big difference.

8. Use the Internet: People will not flock to your website for no reason. Develop your online presence by having interesting content on your website that is up-dated regularly, an active blog, a relevant e-newsletter or media resource area, and submit material to online article directories. Join relevant social networking sites, such as Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn, but use them wisely. Get good advice from a credible internet expert, not just a graphic designer.

Top Ten Recession Busting Marketing Tips

9. Ask Questions: When trying to make a sale or gain a new client, don’t make statements about your products or service, instead ask questions.


• DON’T SAY “Our containers hold 500 and can expand to 750’
ASK “How much capacity are you looking for?”

• DON’T SAY “We have blue, green yellow, red, orange and purple”
ASK “What color did you want?” or “What is your color scheme?”

• DON’T SAY “Our widgets are $100”
ASK “How much did you want to spend?”

• DON’T SAY “This car is the best medium-sized car on the market today”
ASK “How many people in your family?” and “What will you be using the
vehicle for?” and “Do you drive mostly in the city?”

10. Extend Your Reach: Many businesses market only to their customers, yet there are other groups that can help promote you. Keep your suppliers informed of your business activities. Develop a list of people who can refer business to you and people who can influence favourably what customers think of you. Don’t forget your staff; they can be your best Ambassadors.

For small business, SME and not-for-profit advice on strategic & digital marketing, advertising, and marketing communications please contact me at Insanely Clever Marketing.



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  1. Ali says:

    And you TOTALLY ARE insanely clever…and a stiletto wearing business babe who has the skill and nous to help an array of clients….so if you are a business person reading this….congrats. You have just landed in the right spot to find the help you need! Contact Penelope today for some insanely clever solutions and strategies to propel you forward today! (and yes, this is an unsolicited rap for Penelope’s talents:) )


  2. Ali says:

    ABSOLUTELY Brilliant Darlink, as usual!!! Mwah!! Xx


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