Are Your Marketing Fears Holding You Back?

Riveted to the spot in fear may be OK when you are watching a horror movie but not when you are trying to run a business. But fear of what? Or Who? It’s a recurring issue that a magic wand might fix; but my magic wand is currently at the drycleaners being starched.

So, are your marketing fears holding you back? I’m talking about a fear of people. That’s right, people! The very species that makes the difference between a successful business and one that’s…..well…….NOT! It inhibits the growth of a business yet it’s so irrational. Or is it?

When you were a kid, were you the last to be picked for the sporting team? Were you bullied? Did someone laugh at your singing efforts? Were you in the spotlight but suffered some negative response from someone? Are you naturally a shy person? Do you find it hard to talk to strangers?

There are myriad reasons why we, as adults, may have a pre-conditioned fear of the unknown, a fear of rejection, a fear of being laughed at, a fear of not being accepted.

In business, there are four core areas where we need to engage with people. These are:


It’s widely acknowledged that people fear public speaking more than they fear death.


Are we so used to modern technology doing the thinking for us that we cannot write a sentence without using spell check, grammar check, syntax check, word check, arrgghhhhhhh!


This is a common tough one usually related to cold-calling. If we know someone it’s always easier to ‘give them a buzz’ but if we met them briefly or haven’t met them at all, then feelings of inadequacy can be triggered.


Meeting new people at a dinner party or BBQ can be fun because it’s ‘among friends’. But walking into a business-networking event can be scary, risky and very unpleasant for many people.

Are Your Marketing Fears Holding You Back?

The common denominator for all these activities is people – meeting people – talking to people. Are we really afraid of people? Well, people, business is about people. We employ people, we sell to people, people support us, people talk to their friends about our business (to other people), people engage with us, people rely on us, people keep the wolf from the door.

Do we imagine that all these people will find fault in us? And I do mean ‘imagine’. Because it is more than highly likely that the judgment, aspersions, negativity and rejection are, in fact, imaginary. But they feel real to us.

Are Your Marketing Fears Holding You Back?

Some people have a “pick myself up, dust myself off” philosophy and others don’t. If you don’t, you may be paralysed with fear to a small or large degree. So if your business, and your life, depends on communicating with people, what can do?

Well, don’t blame marketing, I can tell you that much. Marketing can be good (done correctly) and it is required if you want to have a successful business.

If you are the type of person who avoids ‘marketing’ and ‘selling’ because you don’t think it works, then maybe you are also someone who finds it difficult to engage with people. And I’m not talking about selling something to someone who doesn’t want to buy. I’m talking about providing a solution to someone who has a problem; that’s the basis of good marketing.

If you are ‘afraid’ of people then it makes sense that a proportion will be ‘afraid’ of you. And aren’t you a terrific, sensible, kind person? Well, so are they – probably. If you think they will judge you, they are likely thinking that you will judge them? And you’re not going to, right?

Are Your Marketing Fears Holding You Back?

Ask yourself this, “If I was no longer afraid of marketing myself, what could I achieve for my business?”

If fear inhibits your ability to market yourself and your business then you will remain small.

Don’t let silly fears stop you from making a success of your business. It’s  not real, OK? Let it go. It doesn’t serve you anymore. You’re not a kid, you’re a business person.

Kick it to the kerb, kick ass and kick on to GREAT SUCCESS!!

Go get ‘em !

Can you see yourself in this example? Have you tried to conquer your marketing fears? What did you do? Have you succeeded at being more of a ‘people’ person.

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