Six Simple Ways to Make Marketing Work For You

When you are busy working IN your business it seems you never have time to work ON your business. This is so true of many business owners, particularly those who operate a small business. However, you CAN work ON your business and add six simple ways to make marketing work for you at the same time. These tips help you to market on a budget AND  reap huge rewards…such as spend more time with your family.

insanely clever marketing

CRISSE© is one element of marketing that will make a huge difference to your business, and it was developed by the insanely clever chicks at Insanely Clever Marketing. It’s a small but crucial detail that will help you gain more business with less effort. There are six marketing elements that must be included in any marketing plan to give you the greatest opportunity for success.

We have called it CRISSE©. In every marketing plan, include communication with key people in these six categories;

  • Customers
  • Referrers
  • Influencers
  • Suppliers
  • Society
  • Employees


Think further than simply marketing to your clients & customers, because there are five other areas that can greatly increase your market share and public profile.
These people might be current clients, past customers, family members, friends, networking affiliates, sports club members, etc. Market to them and ask them for their support in referring business to you.

insanely clever marketing
These are different from referrers in that these people wield influence to the way people think about and interact with your business. They may not be customers, but they know you. Think of people like Rotarians, reputable politicians and lawyers, charitable stalwarts and respected business people. They can influence other people’s feelings or perceptions. Market yourself and your business to them in a positive manner.
This is a very under-utilised resource so remember the people who interact with you regularly. Suppliers may know more about your business than you realise and it’s in their interests to see you thrive. Don’t see them simply as suppliers but people who can be partners with you in promoting your business.

insanely clever marketing
If you work in the community, support charities or have a philanthropic role, then market that as a positive component of your business. Allow your charitable and community work to show that you care. Many customers will value a business that cares about its community.
Treat your staff as valued and empowered team members and they will become your most ardent Ambassadors. Internal public relations is an important component of your business. The last thing you want is employees dissing you at the pub with their friends. Share your (appropriate) fears and dreams with them; tell them & show them how they help you. They will spread the good word.

insanely clever marketing

Have you already included these elements into your marketing communications? What results to you enjoy? Have you added some and not others? Will you include them all? Do you marketing communications require tweaking?

For small business, SME and not-for-profit advice on strategic & digital marketing, advertising, and marketing communications please contact me at Insanely Clever Marketing.


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