Three Top Ways to Persuade A Potential Customer

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How do you persuade someone to buy or use your product or service? Different people are persuaded by different actions and motivations. Some are persuaded by logic, others by observation, others by evidence. Here you’ll find the top three ways to persuade a potential customer that you can tailor to suit your personality and selling style.

top three ways to persaude a potential customer

Apart from allowing people to buy, not selling to them, there are three key considerations when trying to show a potential customer the value of your proposal.

Evidence * Logic * Authority * Which one should you use?

Ideally, you can use all three in a variety of configurations depending on to whom you are talking.

1. Evidence

Evidence can be used to show that your product or service actually works; that it does what you say it can do. Case Studies with companies similar to your target will be the most useful to provide evidence. Being able to clearly demonstrate that your product or service works can be very persuasive. Example:

“Our client (ABC Foods) runs a major food manufacturing plant. Prior to using our XYZ System they didn’t have floor capacity for an extra conveyor that was required to boost profits by 25%. After working with us they now have a new configuration at a cost that is minimal compared to the increased profits they now earn”top three ways to persaude a potential customer

2. Logic

Logic can be used to build a credible argument. Using logic means you do have to know how your prospective customer operates. Because logic can be used to make comparisons. For example, if you know your prospective customer uses an out-dated CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system, you can build a credible case for why your CRM system will save time and money. Example:

“ABC system was excellent when it was released, but it hasn’t kept up with the latest technology designed to integrate your XYZ with the optimal power of UVW. Our system is more intuitive and it allows you to store unlimited data. Your staff will be more productive because our DCE chip automatically links accounts providing instant reports. Which means your sales staff will have more qualified leads more quickly”

top three ways to persaude a potential customer

3. Authority

Authority adds weight and credibility. Third-party endorsement (such as PR provides), testimonials from happy clients, or a business champion or influencer (such as a leading business person/authority figure) add increased credibility where logic and evidence have ended. Example:

(from a client) “We have been using ABC for several weeks/months and the turnaround in profit levels and increased productivity has been enormous. The Directors were skeptical at first because the simplicity of the system belies its true power. I defy any organisation to live without this service. It has enabled us to increase our offering to clients at a higher profit margin for us and no price increase for them. Sheer brilliance!”

top three ways to persaude a potential customer

Using these three methods of persuasion will give you the best opportunity for closing a sale. However, please remember that no amount of persuasion should be used unless you are honestly solving a problem for a client or providing them a solution they genuinely need. Ethical selling always.

Have you used any or all of these methods? What was the outcome? Do you have a preferred method?

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