Business Cross-Promotion Ideas

As business owners it can seem like we are rowing the boat ourselves, and everyone else is on the shore enjoying a picnic lunch… with great Adelaide Hills wines. Sigh. Rather than seeing other companies as competition, working together can produce some excellent business cross-promotion ideas.

In the quick tip on adding value, and the longer article on ideas for adding value, I mentioned business cross-promotion so here’s a quick thought. Who can you team up with to add-value for your customers AND cross-promote to another market segment?
Insanely Clever Marketing

Other ideas include;

  • a homewares company and a caterer
  • a hairdresser and a beauty therapist
  • a fashion retailer and a day spa or jeweller
  • a landscape gardener and an outdoor living retailer

There are obvious connections, and not so obvious. How can you develop a business cross-promotion that will gain you extra attention form your target market?

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