Small Space Home Office

small space home office

It’s a common Small Space Home Office problem; you work from home or you need a dedicated space to do work after-hours. Which in itself is hilarious, because when you run your own business there are no ‘after-hours’. But I digress.

Many people do not have the luxury of dedicating an entire room, usually a spare bedroom, into a home office. Working on the dining room table or kitchen bench is very unsuitable and distracting. So you need a solution; you need a small space home office solution, right?

small space home office

Image courtesy of Janelle Interiors

The first thing to ascertain is exactly what you need to put in your small space home office, bearing in mind that space is issue – yet it has to be functional. So think about;

  • a flat surface, not necessarily a desk
  • chair
  • storage for notes, books, files, disc – whatever makes up your work
  • laptop or device you use regularly
  • storage for pens, paper clips, stapler, bull dog clips – we all usually need some of these items
  • desktop printer
  • lighting
  • security, you may need to lock things away

How much space do you actually need in order to work effectively? If you don’t have clients coming to your home you may not need as much space as you think. How about cupboard? Yes, really.

small space home office

Image courtesy of Ed Ritger Photography

small space home office

Image courtesy of Jennifer Gret Interiors

small space home office

Image courtesy of Johnson Hardware

small space home office

Image courtesy of Ingrained wood Studios

small space home office

Image courtesy of I Heart Organizing

There are fabulous stationery, storage & display options display from places like IKEA, Kikki. K, Howard’s Storage World and Bunnings to help you. You may find that a pinboard or magnetic board suits your needs for storing notes and reminders, or some shelving with chic storage boxes is more your style.

Ensure you have easy access to power points and invest in a power board with an automatic cut-out switch.

small space home office

Image courtesy of Key Piece


small space home office

Image courtesy of Kariouk Associates

If you have, or require, more space than a cupboard (albeit ever so chic) then consider areas such as under stairs or in an open plan living area. In the example above, the ‘office’ can be closed for both security and visual appeal when it’s not in use.

Whatever you decide, remember that you will likely spend a fair amount of time in the space especially if it is a small space home office, so decorate with flair. Reflect your personality and create a space that is vibrant as well as workable.

small space home office

Image courtesy of Scheer and Co.

small space home office

Image courtesy of Applegate Tran Interiors


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2 Responses to “Small Space Home Office”
  1. Love the crisp, all white home office inspiration. Some good examples of stealing a little bit of house space to get a functioning and attractive home office space.


    • Thank you Sarina, there are some great ideas here. I am quite surprised at how inventive people can be with a small space. Thanks for your comment, and thanks for following Insanely Clever Marketing. Cheers, Penelope

      Liked by 1 person

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