What NOT to do when business is tough

What NOT to do when business is tough

Do you know what NOT to do when business is tough? Being in business is both liberating AND challenging especially when cash-flow, and customers, ebb and flow. It’s like standing on the beach seeing the waves come towards you and thinking you’re going to get to drenched. And then the tide goes out and you wonder if you’ll ever see water again.

Business is like that, however this is a quick tip on what NOT to do when business is tough. DON’T CUT BACK. Don’t cut back on customer service. Don’t cut corners on producing your product. Don’t skimp on providing your services. DO MORE.

what NOT to do when business is tough

Customers will realise when you are cutting back and skimping. Provide MORE customer service, MORE value, and MORE ‘meat in the sandwich’ not less.

There are much better ways of increasing revenue or giving cashflow a kick in the pants without resorting to decreasing service.

  • You can find new ways to market yourself – Insanely Clever Marketing has ideas here or contact us.
  • You can ask sales staff to make more calls.
  • You can get more of of your advertising budget (ask us how)
  • You can add value to customer orders

Out promote, out advertise, out sell and out service – you will only benefit. And remember, tough times don’t last… tough people do. And customers have long memories when they think they have been ripped off.

What NOT to do when business is tough

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