Story Ideas to Gain Media Interest

You’ll find different articles on Insanely Clever Marketing showing you how to work effectively with the media. This article on story ideas to gain media interest works with the other articles including Being a Media Resource and Writing a Media Release.

Think about these story ideas to gain media interest and how they apply to your business. Some may suit you to gain credible and newsworthy publicity.

Story Ideas to Gain Media Interest

The Media Loves David and Goliath.

Are you a small fish in a big pond, business-wise? Appearing as the underdog can be an excellent strategy for gaining exposure. Just ensure that, as the underdog, you are always credible, reliable, competent, relevant and interesting.

Without using the appalling tactics of some, coming out on top after an illness, business tragedy, sporting injury, loss or against terrible odds makes for great news. The media loves the little guy, especially if he’s being pursued by a bigger foe.

 Story Ideas to Gain Media Interest

The Media Loves Experts.

Position yourself as an expert by providing the media with timely, relevant and correct information based on your skills. No-one says you have to be ‘Number One’ to be an expert. If you have developed years of experience in a particular field then the media may be interested in your views. Please don’t overstate your expertise otherwise you will be seen as unreliable.

The Media Loves In-Your-Face Stories.

It’s a tricky tactic that has people like Donald Trump trending in the news, but at what cost to his reputation. Some people gain excellent coverage with in-your-face stories – the late Steve Irwin, Sir Richard Branson, Nick Xenophon have successfully walked the tightrope and won. Can you gain credible exposure with a public-loving stunt?

Story Ideas to Gain Media Interest

Image courtesy of Benetton and

The Media Loves Controversy.

Maybe you have an alternative view to something that’s currently being trumpeted? Is there some element of drama or glamour you can use to focus publicity on your business? Again, credibility and your reputation could be at risk but executed with expertise, humour and goodwill a controversy could reap great benefits for you.

Of course, there’s the approach Benetton takes courting controversy with every ad campaign. Their ‘unhate’ campaign showing world leaders in passionate embraces went vial pretty quick. Fast Company was quick off the mark with their editorial on the subject.

 Story Ideas to Gain Media Interest

The Media Loves Competitors.

Don’t try this unless you are supremely confident of winning. Without being unethical you can set up an interesting opportunity for publicising opposing views. Ideally, use an un-named competitor in the same field and say things like My XYZ business always uses chemical-free ABC because its better for the environment. Other businesses continue to use chemical-based products because they are considerably cheaper. Id like to see the PPP Industry Body get involved to change the legislation.

If you have any questions about working with the media please contact Insanely Clever Marketing and we’ll be delighted to help you out.

Did any of these story ideas to gain media interest resonate with you? Will you use any of them? How do you think your business will benefit?

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