Ten Truths About Being a Media Resource

If you have never actively been involved with the media, then there will be myths and truths that could confuse you; and do damage to the image and reputation of you and your business.

Truth No. 1: There is no secret relationship between the media and public relations agents. You can be your own media relations agent if you follow a few simple rules.

Ten Truths About Being a Media Resource
Truth No. 2: Journalists are after the story. If it bleeds, it leads. Never assume the media will always be your friend.

Truth No. 3: When you provide the media with a media release or verbal information you are ‘inviting’ them to scrutinize the content. That means, they can ring your competitors and ask them questions, elicit a comment, or get their point of view about your information.

Truth No. 4: If your media release is picked up, don’t expect it to be regurgitated exactly as you have written it. Journalists will write their own story based on your information and their own research and interviews.

Ten Truths About Being a Media Resource
Truth No. 5: Once a media release leaves your hands and you ‘give’ it to media outlets or post it on a newswire, it becomes public property.

Truth No. 6: You can build relationships with the media in your own community and even further a field which will have two key benefits – 1. They will answer your calls; and 2. You’ll know exactly what types of stories interest them.

Truth No. 7: You need to be thinking all the time about stories that interest the media, NOT simply what you want to give them. News is NEWS not recycled advertising.

Ten Truths About Being a Media Resource
Truth No. 8: Developing relationships with members of the media involves providing them with honest, reliable, newsworthy information NOT buying them meals and drinks. You must understand THEIR media. If it’s print, READ IT; if it’s television or the internet, WATCH IT; and if it’s radio or internet streaming, LISTEN TO IT.

Truth No. 9: Beware of giving away your intellectual property in pursuit of a news story. Be mindful of the information you are ‘giving away’.

Ten Truths About Being a Media Resource
Truth No. 10: It is not possible to claim copyright on a media release or the resulting media exposure as you are willingly providing information in order to get free coverage.

Follow these simple rules and do keep in mind that journalists ARE after the story. If you have something to hide, DON’T call the media.

You should also read secrets of the inverted pyramid to help you with your relationships with journalists.


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