Public Relations in the Marketing Mix

Many people think of public relations as only being media relations – relationships with the media. However, you must have public relations in the marketing mix. Public relations is about the relationship your business has with your ‘publics’. That includes staff, customers, suppliers, contractors, government departments… in fact, anyone who interacts with your business.

You are surrounded by public relations opportunities, so make the most of them. And the cool thing is that they are practically FREE. When you have public relations in the marketing mix you can plan to build your credibility, work with the media and attract a higher profile than you could achieve simply by advertising.

Public relations is image building so everything from your business cards and website to packaging and customers has an impact on how you are perceived – your public relations. Which is why it’s vital to have public relations in the marketing mix.

To learn more, read my articles on Don’t Make This Rookie Mistake and Is This an Ugly Marketing Tactic.

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