Boardroom Blitz : Statement Fashion That’s Memorable

How often have you thought how much easier it is for men to dress for work than women? Depending on their job, it’s case of suit, shirt & tie or jeans and a t-shirt… in simple terms. It seems a lot more problematic for women especially those in a corporate environment looking for statement fashion that’s memorable.

As a professional marketer and journalist, I have been in myriad boardrooms from high level Government to Not-For-Profit. At one point, I owned 18 suits and always wore high heels and stockings, even in summer. Over the years I have seen more relaxed fashion in the Boardroom allowing women in creative careers, such a marketing, to enjoy expressing their personality.

For those of you who follow my fashion and design website,, you’ll know I love New Zealand Fashion Designer, Dame Trelise Cooper. There are several labels under the Trelise Cooper flagship and all show amazing style, use of fabric, great edge. and total statement fashion that’s memorable. So I wanted to share with you some fabulous fashion styled for the creative boardroom.

Want to see more styled images for blitzing the boardroom?

Boardrooms don’t have to be corporate. There are plenty of Boards for arts, music, marketing and fashion companies where even more personality in dressing is encouraged, especially for women. So statement fashion that’s memorable should be creative and take you from boardroom to bar, or event.

You might like to see how to ROCK black in unexpected ways.

This is the first article in a new series for 2016 to help you find new ways to express yourself via business fashion and accessories. Statement fashion that’s memorable is just one of the tools in business you’ll need to stand out, gain confidence and rise to success in your chosen field.

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