Your People Are Your Brand

Your People Are Your Brand

People are the greatest resource a business has at its disposal. They are why it’s productive or unproductive. They’re pioneers, advisors, and strategists if you give them the opportunity.

They can also be a huge part of the business’s brand. Whether you want them to be or not. So, make sure they’re doing the brand the justice.


Let them tell a story

Personal engagement with the customer is important. It’s why we have a story to our brand. Our story should be shared with our staff, as well. For instance, getting them engaged on social media and allowing a little personality to show is a good way to break the cold veneer of corporate communication. Let them share photos from the office, the right anecdotes and see people form a connection with them. In turn, they’re forming a connection with the business.

Your People Are Your Brand


Brand ‘em

Put down the hot iron, we’re not talking about that. Rather, we’re talking about getting people to wear the brand as a flag when they’re out and about. Name badges worn during networking and business events give people a name to the face and colours positive interactions as the beginning of building a lead. Getting them to wear branded stickers on laptops and business cards to hand out only increases the chances of your brand getting spotted. Anyone will tell you that familiarity is crucial to a strong brand.


Shine a light on the company culture

People like to support businesses that fit the opposite of the corporate culture cliché. They want professional businesses, but not businesses that stifle creativity and ingenuity. When your employees come into work, let them come in with a little of their own style. Loosen up the fashion policies enough to allow some personal expression. Let them personalize their desks. This will all contribute to an open company culture that fosters warmth within staff members. That warmth is all-the-more likely to show when they’re representing that business.

Your People Are Your Brand


Get them connected to the customer

If you want team members having better conversations with customers, especially in the support area, then they need to understand the customer journey. We’ve all dealt with customer service ‘specialists’ who don’t understand our frames of reference. For instance, if you’re using an e-commerce store and the advisor can’t see what you’re looking at. It creates a communication barrier that is likely to drive the customer up the wall. So, talk with your customer service team and ensure they’re kept up-to-date on any changes to that customer journey.

Your People Are Your Brand


Listen to them

If you want people engaged in marketing efforts and giving a good impression, then why not ask them for their ideas on it? Incentivize creative thinking and ask for feedback more often, making it clear that you are open to hearing when you’re doing things wrong. Don’t just use them as workhorses, get them thinking. Not only will they care more about helping with the marketing strategy, then. They will more often than not have ideas on how to make it better.

Having your people do the brand justice is all about doing them justice. Make them happy. Make them engaged. Make them well-presented. Create a company culture where people thrive and love to be, then give them the opportunity to show that to the world.

Your People Are Your Brand

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