Simple Tricks To Boost Your App’s SERP Rankings

boost your apps serp rankings

Countless brands with mobile apps have benefited massively from having their mobile apps on Google’s organic search results.So how can you boost your apps SERP Rankings?

Aside from web pages and social profiles, companies are reaping in floods of new business by having their iPhone and Android apps right up there on SERPs. Having an app page URL means limitless possibilities for your future growth, so obviously you’ll want to cash in on all this.

Here are a few SEO tips to help your app’s rankings.

boost your apps serp rankings

First of all, make sure your brand is featured prominently in the name of the app. In the Apple app store and Google Play, the name of the app is going to be the anchor text. If you can get the platform you’re selling through to link to your app’s profile page, using your brand name as the anchor, you’ll be able to tap into these platforms’ massive link equity.

Getting your backlinks on any of these marketplaces is partly how sites like Groupon and Amazon have managed to stay so dominant in the modern business arena. Make sure you include your brand in the name of the app, along with the download page URL.

boost your apps serp rankings

Next, get a link from your app profile page to your website. Your app can be an incredibly powerful marketing tool, but that’s only if your target market downloads it. Don’t let the equity from your most important sites go to waste by burying these kinds of links like some other businesses.

One fairly fool proof way of doing this is creating a landing page totally dedicated to your app. This would typically include screenshots, positive reviews, and an overview of what your app actually does.

Then, get some backlinks for it from the pages you own that get the most traffic. The idea here is to make the app pop up over and over again when anyone makes queries about your brand. Considering how many people are using mobile devices as their primary method for browsing the web, getting your mobile app more visible through backlinks is more important than ever.

boost your apps serp rankings

Finally, get a reliable QR code which you can provide on your desktop landing page. These pixelated little squares are a fantastic way to make downloading your app even easier for your target market. Note how I say “reliable QR code” though. When you’re trying to display a QR code in a compressed space, it can often stir up bugs, fail to scan, and make your target market pretty annoyed!

A quick chat with your mobile app developers should clear away any kind of technical issues. Usually, it’s just a simple case of compressing the URL. With all the tech we’re surrounded by in our day to day lives, the modern customer base is extremely lazy! Simple things like not having a QR code can drive traffic away from your site and towards your competitors.

Use these three tips to start off working on your site’s rankings, and soon you’ll have a much better understanding of app SEO.

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