Building a Website? 5 Important Tips You Need To Know

building a website

Are you building a website? Then use these 5 important tips to ensure you make it as successful as possible.


Building a Website: What’s Your Purpose?


Before you start anything you are going to need to sit down and think about the purpose of your website. Is is a simple blog where you want to share your content with a readership?

Or do you want to sell products on an ecommerce site? There are so many different functionalities and styles of website these days that you will want to think about the necessary functions of your website, what you need it to do and how are you going to organise your website, to serve that purpose.


building a website


Building a Website: Which Software?


So the first thing you are going to need to consider when building your website, is which website building software you are going to use.

WordPress website design does take some getting used to but after a while you start to become accustomed to the software and how to go about using it.

There is always the option of course to hire a professional website developer to build your website for you. However, for those, that want to do it themselves, it certainly is not as tricky as it used to be.

Programmes like WordPress and Wix are fantastic DIY website building tools, that are user friendly, and after just a little bit of time, to get used to them, they offer a really simple way to build your own site.


building a website


Building a Website: How About The Design?


Now that you are working through the software and understanding what is required of you, you will then need to start thinking about the look and feel that you want to create for your website.

Spend some time thinking about the kind of design that will best reflect the purpose of your website and will appeal to your target market, demographic or readership.


building a website


Building a Website: What Is The Content?


The content of your website is up there, as one of the most important element of any website. Keyword stuffing and unfocused company information no longer cuts it in this highly competitive digital age.

Therefore you are going to need to really think how you are going to position your company and the message you want to get out there.

Think about the content that you want to include that best reflects the personality of who you are and the benefits of what you do and what you offer.


building a website


Building a Website: Remember the Mobile Version


A big mistake that many people make when building their websites is to forget to optimise it to a mobile version. As the vast majority of internet surfers use their mobile phones to surf the web there is no excuse if your site looks like a mess from a mobile phone.

Again, depending on the software you are using to develop your site it is pretty simple to go about this task.

Most website building software platforms, have a simple category that clearly states ‘optimise mobile version’ so you should have no problem navigating your website building software to develop the mobile version of your website.

It is recommended that you finish the main version of your website first, and then do your mobile version. This will prevent you from having to make constant changes to both versions as you continue to adapt and develop your main website version.


building a website

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