A Word Of Advice For Event Managers: The Customer Is Always Right

the customer is always right

You’ve heard the expression “the customer is always right.” And while some might quibble with whether that statement is always true, it’s been a companion of those of us in marketing for a long time.


The bottom line is that you should give people products that they want, not what you think they need. This plays into why the customer is always right.


Companies that tried different approaches invariably failed. Yahoo tried to give people lots of news along with their search requests, and so people went over to Google. Nokia gave people simple smartphones, and so they went over to Samsung and Apple. The list goes on.


the customer is always right


But one area where companies continue to make mistakes is in the realm of events. Events are often more about the company than they are about the attendees, and that’s destroying their value. So why is the customer always right?


As a company, you need to focus on the things that your attendees want. Yes, they want to know about your product, but they also want more from your event than just that.


Here’s what attendees want from your business event.


An Engaging Speaker


Engaging public speaking is perhaps the single most important strategy you have to get people interested in your business at an event. Dry, boring presentations just don’t cut it.


It’s worth remembering that people don’t suddenly turn into different animals when they’re at events, even business events. They still naturally gravitate to that which they find interesting. People want stories, humor and other exciting experiences to get them motivated to learn more about your company.

Thus, you need to find a great speaker in your organization. If you don’t have one, hire one.


the customer is always right


Great Refreshments


Humans are hardwired to eat when food is in front of them. It’s an essential survival strategy and something which many people enjoy. If you really want to get people on your side, fill their stomachs first. It’s an incredibly primal way of saying to somebody “we can meet your needs.”


Stuck for where to find great catering? Look for an event company directory online. They have lists of dozens of event catering specialists you can contact.


the customer is always right

Amanda Douglas Events


A Chance To Swap Business Cards


Businesses use business events as a way to market their product. But they often neglect their attendees desire to network. Companies, therefore, should find ways to actively facilitate networking and business card exchange.

Perhaps there should be an interval half way through the presentation where people can grab snacks and refreshments and talk to each other about jobs and new business relationships.


the customer is always right


A Chance To Take A Look Around


An expectation that people have coming into a business event is that it’s not going to be overly formal. This isn’t the opera or a university lecture: it’s an opportunity to find out more about products and, perhaps meet new people.

Formalities, therefore, should be kept to a minimum.

Often it’s nice to break up the public speaking by communicating with individual people one-on-one. In fact, if you’re event involves setting up a booth or is running over an entire day, this approach can yield lots of new business.

So in this context please remember that the customer is always right.

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