Video Marketing Tips For Those Who Normally Watch

Video marketing is within your grasp and can be achieved to skyrocket your business.

For most of us, videos are things that pop up in our Facebook and Twitter timelines that help us pass the time. But have you ever considered incorporating videos into your business’s marketing strategy?

You will have no doubt seen just how many shares and retweets videos can get on social media. If your company can create a video marketing strategy to get as many shares, then your business will likely go viral in no time at all.

And just think of all the new customers that could bring you!

If you normally watch videos rather than make them, you might not have a clue how to even start a new video marketing strategy for your company. But don’t worry; these tips can help you out!


It’s Not Worth DIYing


Even though basic video and recording equipment is very cheap these days, it’s not worth trying to make your own video. If you do, it could look very amateurish.

You’ll find that the whole process goes much quicker and that you end up with a better final product if you hire a camera crew, experienced videographer, and some professional actors.

Sure, it will bump up your costs slightly, but the quality of the video will help you reach a lot more potential customers, so your chances of making back your money greatly increase.


video marketing


Add Some Comedy


As a general rule of thumb, funny videos work better than serious ones. Even if you are aiming your video marketing at more of a corporate audience!

Of course, you shouldn’t add a lot of slapstick and over the top comedy. Keep things subtle, so you don’t turn some people off. And it’s also necessary to remember that comedy is subjective and not everyone shares the same comedic taste.

What you might think is funny, someone else might think is too silly. Share your comedic ideas with the rest of your office to see which are met with the warmest reception.


Go For People Over Products


One of the main advantages of video marketing is that it gives you a chance to add a bit of life to your company. You can now include video testimonials from employees and your customers.

This will be a lot more exciting for people to watch than if the video simply showcased your various products.


video marketing


Optimize It When Publishing


When you do publish a video, it will probably go straight onto YouTube. You can then copy and paste the YouTube link to Twitter, Facebook, and various other websites and social media platforms.

However, there is something really important that you shouldn’t forget when you are posting it to YouTube – tags! By adding plenty of tags, you are ensuring that the video is optimized for searches. This is a key part of your video marketing.

That means whenever someone searches a particular keyword in Google, your video will be near the top of the results if one of the tags matches.


video marketing


When it’s done properly, video marketing can really give your company a big boost. Before long, you’ll really notice the difference in your profits!

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