What Your SEO Is Missing

What Your SEO Is Missing

If you’ve been running a business for some time, then you may be getting pretty confident with your SEO.

You have to deal with it every day, you’re familiar with the kind of factors that influence your ranking, and you craft and distribute high-quality content regularly. While you may know more about SEO than the average person, are you really up to scratch compared to others in your industry? Here are some things you could be missing…

What Your SEO Is Missing: A Strategy

Your site may be well-optimised and your content may have a lot of good platforms for publishing, but do you really have a strategy in place? A good plan is an essential foundation for anything you do in business, and your digital strategy is no different. This is what often differentiates big companies from small ones, and professional marketers from amateurs.

What kind of goals do you want to achieve with your strategy? Can you put your projects and your goals into a specific timeframe? Are there any major risks you need to prepare against? Although it may have some creative elements, SEO requires a lot of technical and analytical skills. This is the side that’s going to dictate how solid and successful your SEO strategy is.

What Your SEO Is Missing

What Your SEO Is Missing: Proper Tracking

Tracking and analysing your digital marketing is crucial to your long-term success. After all, how will you know where to go next if you don’t know what your last move actually achieved? Tracking metrics and drawing conclusions from them is becoming a bigger and bigger talking point among both marketing firms and training companies like Gotch SEO Academy. Don’t let your firm fall behind the competition!

If you know you’ve been neglecting the analytical side of SEO for a while, then set some time aside to start analysing your historical data and basing some estimations on it. A good way to start would be picking out some keyword groups and analysing each one’s performance record. Look into each individual keyword and how your inbound traffic fluctuated according to its position in search engines.

Then, narrow your list down to the keywords that drive the most traffic to your site and garner the most conversions, and focus all your resources on improving them. Finish up by checking how much you’ve managed to improve traffic.

What Your SEO Is Missing

What Your SEO Is Missing: Knowledge of the Competition

In all likelihood, you can say immediately who your competitors are, what their product is, and what makes yours better. However, if you’re not sure of how your two brands compare in the digital marketing arena, this needs to change! Start with a comprehensive list, noting the companies you can compete against and the ones that are currently out of your league.

Once you’ve established some priorities, you should start tracking their activity, and figuring out how your closest competitors gain new customers online. Then, take advantage of any tactics and platforms which they’re not using, and differentiate your brand through the ones they are.

The more you know about your major rivals, the better your long-term SEO strategy will be.

What Your SEO Is Missing

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