Ensuring Your Online Setup is Professional and Accessible

online setup

So, you’ve started your own business and chances are that you’re considering setting up online. This isn’t surprising. Almost every business nowadays has some sort of online setup.

It makes sense. More and more people are spending increasing amounts of time surfing the web, so it’s a great place for you to make a profit and expose your brand to the maximum amount of people possible, both local, nationwide and worldwide.

But your online setup takes much more thought and effort than simply making a website. So, if you’re planning on taking the internet by storm, here’s a quick guide to ensuring that your website is both professional and accessible.


online setup


Platform and Web Host


One of the first tasks you’re going to have to overcome is choosing an appropriate platform and web host for your website. There are plenty of free platforms out there and each has its own strengths.

WordPress and Blogger are great for those who are going to have more text-based posts. Tumblr is better perhaps for those who will be sharing more photographs and images.

Once you’ve settled on a platform, it’s time to find an appropriate web host. A web hosting service will help you to independently host your site and many also offer the opportunity for you to purchase a domain name.

This removes the extensions from your site address that accompany free platform hosted sites. This will give your online setup and website a more professional look. There are also often extras available, such as personalised business email addresses. So find the best hosting on Hosting Foundry.


online setup


Web Design


The homepage design of your website is essentially your storefront for the world to see. So you need this onlien setup to be attractive and welcoming in order to bring people in to check out your stock! It should also reflect your brand’s aesthetics and values. A good place to start is your logo.

Come up with a few ideas and then work alongside a professional graphic designer who will be able to put your ideas down on paper (or screen). You can then settle on colour schemes, fonts and other brand-specific identifiers.

Next, hire a competent web designer who will be able to code the CSS necessary for your perfect web page layout. Soon enough, you will have the website of your dreams.


online setup


Marketing and Advertising

Once everything is setup, you can start advertising your brand to the ideal market. Conduct market research to know exactly who your target audience is and then you can find the best advertising campaign for your products.

If you have an older target audience, you might like to engage in more physical advertising. This could include handing out leaflets in areas that your audience frequents and putting up posters in public places.

If your audience is younger, you might like to catch their eye on social media. Set up feeds for your business on Facebook, Instagram, and even Twitter.

This allows your potential customers to contact you with queries, see new stock and find links that will redirect to your website, encouraging purchases and a generation of profit.


online setup

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