Home Cleanup Advice for Your Home Office

home cleanup

How does a home cleanup affect your ability to work from home? Mess can be disheartening, overwhelming and inhibit productivity. So what can you do to operate a better home office?

When your home is just too full of junk, and you’re trying to operate a home office, the prospect of a home cleanup can be pretty daunting.

However, by taking action NOW you’ll put off the inevitable and get your home clean, tidy, functional and fun to live in. Yes really, and it will be easier to KEEP clean and tidy too.

The following steps will help you have a successful home cleanup, so roll up your sleeves this weekend and get it over with.


home cleanup


Tackle Your Big Problem Areas First

Every home has certain problem areas related to storage. Perhaps your cupboards are full to bursting already, which is a clear indication for a home cleanup.

If a portion of the space for your home office has been a dumping ground for junk, then tackle this first.

Create three piles – Keep, Donate and Chuck Out. Be ruthless. Anything you don’t use but is in good condition, donate. Anything that you don’t use, won’t use or is broken then chuck it out.


home cleanup


Find New Storage Options as You Go Along

Storage is a major issue in pretty much every home office on the planet. All those files and documents need to go somewhere.

If you’re not able to provide proper storage space, papers and paraphernalia will be left lying on the floor or on the dining room table. This type of disorganisation will reduce your productivity and lead to items being lost or damaged.

There are plenty of cheap but functional storage solutions form places like IKEA or K-Mart. From shelving to cute storage boxes you’ll find what you need. For more stylish options try Target or Kikki.K.


home cleanup



Some of the stuff you don’t want can be donated to charities if it’s in good working order. If it’s of no use to you it may be to someone else.

It’s useful for you as well because it quickly gets rid of the stuff you don’t need and makes good use of them.

Some charities will even be willing to pick stuff up from you if it’s worth their time, making it even more convenient for you.


home cleanup

Plush Design Interiors


Get Professional Assistance

If you’re producing a lot of rubbish then you will need to deal with it. It’s important to get some kind of professional assistance because mess can start to weigh you down and become overwhelming.

You can find removal services at places like samedayrubbishremoval.com.au, so make the most of them. It’ll take some of the hassles out of this home cleanup for you, and that’s got to be worthwhile.


home cleanup


Don’t be Afraid to be Ruthless

You have to be ruthless when you’re decluttering your home. You can’t afford to be holding onto things that you don’t really need, even if it is hard to get rid of items to which you have some kind of attachment.

If you cling to things that you don’t really need, they will stop you from making the most of your home office, which is the last thing you need right now.


Clearing out your home and making room for a better home office and new things going forward is always very positive.

Don’t let the scale of the home cleanup challenge hold you back because it will be worth your time and effort. And it will all soon be over.  So what are you waiting for?


home cleanup

Need More Help?

Contact Plush Design Interiors in Adelaide because they have a home cleanup and decluttering service. In just a few hours you’ll have a home that’s sparkling clean, decluttered and organised. Call 0421 043 505 or e-mail info@plushdesigninteriors.com.au.

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