9 Ideas For Getting Your First Office Ready For Action

first office

Your first office as a business owner can be a scary prospect. There are so many things to consider including insurance, marketing, equipment and more. How do you know where to start?

Right here. If you’re just starting out in the business world this may be the first time you’ve decided to rent a commercial office. You will have to think long and hard about your first office approach to ensure it’s ready for your employees.

You need to ensure that the building you select cuts the mustard and that you adjust it in any way your workforce will require.

People without business experience are sure to make mistakes and overlook some of the basics. With that in mind, there are no less than nine pieces of advice below that should help to guarantee you leave no stone unturned.

Of course, it’s vital that you use some common sense during this process because you won’t want to overspend unnecessarily. Considering that, let’s get started!


Choosing the right location

Before you do anything else, it’s essential that you spend some time thinking about where in the world you would like to base your operation.

There are advantages to choosing an address that makes your company appear successful and trustworthy. Indeed, that is why some savvy entrepreneurs rent addresses in top Sydney locations.

Consider all the options on the table, and then search for commercial properties in your chosen area. Bear in mind that rental prices are always going to be expensive in the major cities.

So, you might like to stay near to villages and towns. You will save money on employee salaries if you stay out of London where the minimum wage is higher than anywhere else in the country.

Once you have the right location; you can move onto the next step.


first office


Finding the right building

It’s usually wise to explain what you want to find to commercial real estate agents, and then allow those people to come back to you with recommendations and suggestions.

However, most business landlords list their available properties online these days, and so nothing is stopping you from checking them out without the assistance of professionals.

When choosing the right building, it is critical that you consider the nature of your operation and how much space you require.

Make sure you select premises that are slightly too large for your needs. That way, you will have room to grow and expand without having to relocate again in twelve months time.

Don’t forget to consider the price too! You’d be a fool to pay over the odds.


Getting the utilities sorted

Next in line; you need to call the utility companies and open a commercial account with them. Paying for electric and gas on an industrial scale is usually a little different than covering your monthly bills at home.

There are providers out there who will sell the utilities you require for a flat fee each month rather than determining the amount you need to pay based on your usage.

So, be sure to shop around and obtain quotes from lots of different companies before settling on your brand of choice.

Once your new premises has some power; you can begin to move forward with getting it ready for your employees.

Use price comparison sites if you think the quotes you get directly from the power companies are too high.


first office


Installing your electrics and data cables

Unless you move into an established office or warehouse, there is a reasonable chance that you will have to call professionals to get new electrics and data cabling.

You’ll need to do that to ensure that your workers can use their computers and all other business equipment without waiting around for someone else to finish using the socket.

The data cabling is going to ensure that your network runs as smoothly as possible. Any warehouse owners who use robotics might have to make a substantial investment to ensure all those machines link up to the computer system in your office.

You might need the assistance of an engineer or a building planner during that process to ensure you don’t overlook anything essential.


Buying the right furniture

Your workers have to spend eight or more hours every day at your business premises. So, it makes sense that all entrepreneurs should aim to make their offices and warehouses as comfortable as possible for staff.

The last thing you want is for workers to call in sick all the time because they suffer back pain due to cheap and comfortable furniture, right?

For that reason, you need to take a look online and find some commercial suppliers or ergonomic equipment. Ergonomic chairs and desks are designed to ensure the people using them do not place a strain on their bodies.


first office

So, while you might have to make a substantial investment right now, the move should pay for itself within the first twelve months.

You’ll also have to think about getting things like:

  • Desk tidies
  • Computer equipment
  • Sofas for the break room
  • And lots more


Installing heating and cooling systems

If your employees become too hot during the summer months or too cold during the winter; your business is never going to achieve maximum productivity.

Indeed, you might even lose a few workers who leave your company to earn their income at a different office that is more comfortable.

Installing heating and cooling systems is probably going to cost a lot of money, and so it’s sensible to contact experts in your local area to obtain some quotes as soon as possible.

You need a heater that is powerful enough to raise the temperature of your entire premises during the cold months. You also need an air conditioning system that will ensure your employees don’t become soaking wet with sweat during the summer.

There are lots of specialists businesses out there you can contact, and so it’s just a case of searching online and reading some reviews.


first office

Brick Wall wallpaper from Wallsauce.com


Creating a floor plan

Now your new office is at a suitable temperature, and you have all the most suitable furniture, it’s time to create a floor plan for the room.

You need to use some common sense during that process, and you might like to employ some assistance. The goal is to make sure that all employees who cooperate with others during the working day can remain as close to their associates as possible while still having enough room to breathe.

You also need to space the desks correctly, so you leave a walkway for other workers to use. If you need some examples of office floor plans for inspiration, there are thousands of images on Google that will point you in the right direction and ensure you don’t overlook anything essential.

There are also specialist software solutions for designing office floor plans that might come in handy. Some are better than others, and so you just need to read some reviews to sort the wheat from the chaff.


Designing a break room

No employer should want their workers to take breaks sitting at their desks. That is asking for trouble for many different reasons.

Firstly, the individual will never feel refreshed when they come back to work, and that is often the point of having a break in the first place.

Secondly, there is a decent chance that your workers will damage some of your computer equipment if you let them remain at their desks. It is only a matter of time before someone knocks a coffee over and you have to invest in new tools.

So, do yourself a favour and design a break room that ensures your employees can spend time away from their desks and unwind.

You will need to include a fridge and some cooking tools like a microwave or oven. You might also think about investing in a pool table or something similar. Get creative! The only limits are those set by your imagination.


first office


Tinting the windows

Lastly, you need to pay for professionals to tint the windows on your office. Ask anyone who’s worked at premises without tinted windows, and they’ll tell you why this task is crucial.

People who sit in offices all day long often expose themselves to a lot of sunlight. Without some protection, those folks will usually begin to suffer headaches and pain behind their eyes.

Tinting the windows is the best way to ensure that doesn’t happen. It also helps to reduce any distractions outside that could cause your workers to slow down or become less productive than they otherwise would have been.

Depending on how many windows you need to tint, that process could cost a few hundred dollars. However, it’s worth the expense.


The nine ideas on this page should help to ensure you don’t overlook anything essential and put all the right steps in place when getting your first office ready for action.

With a bit of luck, anyone who uses the information from this page should manage to create the perfect workplace in only a few weeks.

The most challenging part is usually identifying the right building and finding a landlord willing to lease it out.

Still, with commercial real estate agents and the internet on your side, that process is easier than it ever was in the past. Good luck!


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