Think Green for Your Next Office Relocation

think green

Think Green isn’t a hollow slogan to sell paint or pot plants; it’s a serious consideration for everyone to do their bit toward saving the planet. And business owners can start to think green when it comes to their office.

Every year, Earth Day encourages us to think about the importance of having a green office. When you think green you may consider adding splashes of natural greenery or having an office that is green by design. You could retrofit or you could move to a ‘greener’ office space.

We all know that loads of businesses and offices have proactively decided they need to do more to be eco-friendly and reduce their impact on our beautiful world. But how many of them have adopted this attitude during the removals process? I’m willing to say not many, but it’s such an important part of the transition.

That’s why I’ve pulled together a list of clever ways you can make your relocation processes that much more environmentally awesome when you Think Green. Enjoy.

think green

  1. Decluttering Is The First Step

The more stuff you have to move, the more energy you will be wasting (both man, woman, and machine power), which is why the simple act of decluttering is an essential move in the relocation process.

Of course, it’s not just about reducing wasted energy, it’s also about making your move that little bit more stress-free.

Think through everything and whether it is really necessary to move it. Furniture, for example, tends to be a major pain (it’s heavy and awkward) and more often than not just gets replaced the other end anyway.

Instead, try swapping it for something else, selling it to a business who needs or, best of all, donate it to a charity, school or church.


  1. Think Green with Eco-Friendly Packing Supplies

One of the most overlooked areas of an office move is the packing supplies you use, which have a massive role in determining how green your move will be.

That’s why you need to make a conscious effort to use green packaging, the kind you can get from who use renewable quality materials in the construction of their packaging, which are sourced from local plantation forests.

But it’s not just about picking the right packaging, it’s also about waste, so make sure you plan properly and pack meticulously so that you don’t end up with a bunch of unused packaging the other end.

think green

  1. Electronics Hold An Eco-Key

Every year millions of tonnes of waste electrical and electronic equipment items – such as computers, telephones, and microwaves – are discarded by companies during a move.

70% of this discarded equipment ends up in dreaded landfill sites, which ain’t exactly environmentally friendly.

As such, the safe disposal of such items is a key part of good environmental practice.

Think Green Advice: find ways of recycling your old electronics. That could mean selling them for cash or it could mean looking for a recycling program in your local area that knows how to deal with this kind of waste in the most friendly way possible.

See, it’s not hard to be greener during an office relocation, but it can make a world of difference – quite literally.

think green

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