A Manifesto On Moving Your Business Headquarters

A Manifesto On Moving Your Business Headquarters

The headquarter or HQ of your business is the beating heart of your company. It where you meet clients, produce your product, and usually where everyone gets together to solve problems and come up with new ideas.

That means it needs to be right, and for some business, that leads to them moving from one premise to another, something that can be fraught with difficulty.

With that in mind check out the guide below on how to move your business headquarters with the minimum of fuss.


 A Manifesto On Moving Your Business Headquarters

Choosing the new building

The first task to do before you move your HQ is, of course, choosing where the new one will be. Unfortunately, there are a lot of factors involved in this, something that can make it complicated, to say the least.

Firstly you will want to consider the size and location of the new building. Is it big enough to house everyone and everything you need at your HQ? Does it have room for expansion if necessary?

Then there is the issue of the condition of the building you are interested in. Disappointingly, even buildings that look reasonable can have underlying problems that make investing in them a dangerous game.

That is why it’s always best to get building inspections done by professional before signing any contracts or parting with any money. Then you are protected if anything does go wrong.

Then you need to think about the location, is it easy to get to and find, is it an area that is consistent with your brand identity? Consider smarter parts of town for this or even a spot on one of the large and spacious business parks.

Remember these things matter because your clients will come to visit you there, and you want them to start on a good note.


 A Manifesto On Moving Your Business Headquarters

During the move

Once you have passed the first hurdle of finding an acceptable building for your new HQ and have signed the contract you need to focus on the move itself. This is something that can truly be a nightmare if not handled with military precision though.

That means all department heads need to be briefed on how to pack and move their charges with the least amount of fuss possible. To help with this, it can be useful to purchase premade moving kits with inventory sheets and stickers.

This is so things can be checked off, as they are packed and unpacked and the location of all items it knows at all times.


 A Manifesto On Moving Your Business Headquarters

After the move

Last, of all, it’s vital that after the move you impress upon your staff the importance of getting fully unpacked. Leaving items in boxes so they can get on with their daily tasks is a recipe for disaster.

This is because it can mean a loss of time later on when they cannot find the information or item then need to complete the project they are working on.

Of course, it is sensible to expect a few teething problems, during the first few weeks. Although they should be remedied quickly enabling things to run normally and efficiently, as soon as possible after.


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