Don’t Let A Bad Boss Win

bad boss

Working for a bad boss can be hell. Anyone can get to a superior position, but not everyone has the leadership skills necessary for the role.

Whilst a bad boss could simply be incompetent, in most cases it’s an issue of bullying or micromanaging that is the problem.I know this situation first hand, unfortunately.

You don’t have to let a bad boss win simply because their job title says they’re superior to you. Here are a few tricks for dealing with people who don’t have the requisite skills to be YOUR boss, but they are anyway.


bad boss

Understand their point of view

This might sound crazy, but quite often people can get into conflict with their boss without taking into account their motivations.

You need to understand why your bad boss behaves the way they do. If they’re snapping at you, they could be stressed due to their own workload. They may find you a challenge to their authority if you’re too opinionated.

If you’re quiet, meanwhile, they may distrust you. Understand why they’re acting irrationally – this could help you to form a peaceful solution.


Argue your case

Don’t let a bad boss force you to do things you don’t want to do. If you have a better way of doing something, tell your boss your strategy.

If you’re constantly being pressured to work late, tell your boss that you can’t commit to such hours. Tell them that you understand their point of view first and then argue your case – this will show you’re not just trying to undermine them.

Whatever you do DON’T sit back and let yourself be pushed around or criticised as your boss will get used to doing it and it will be harder to break the cycle. Counselling services such as Harley Therapy may be able to help you come up with a calm and professional way of arguing your case.


bad boss

Stay ahead of the game

Don’t start slacking out of rebellion as this will only encourage your bad boss to act more hostile. Keep up with your workload and try be a model employee.

For dealing with micro-managers, try predicting tasks that will be set and getting them done before your boss has a chance to order you into doing them. A bad boss may start to back off if they see you’re more than capable at the job.


Know your legal rights

Make sure that your boss isn’t breaching the employment contract or going against any national legislation. Some bad bosses may feel that they’re above the law.

They may even fire employees with little or no reason. Solicitor firms such as Anderson Gray lawyers for employees could be worth getting in touch with to make a claim if you think there’s been a case of unfair dismissal.

Also make sure that items of safety equipment are provided, that you’re getting paid the legal amount and that the duties of the company are all above board.


bad boss

Spot the warning signs when looking for a new boss

Choosing to look for a new job with a different employer could be the easy solution. However, make sure that you’re not falling trap to another bad boss.

Spot the signs during the hiring process – if you feel you’re not being spoken to with respect or the hiring process is disorganised or your potential colleagues all seem unhappy, it could be worth turning that job offer down.

bad boss

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