Making Remote Working Work

Remote working has been commonplace for many freelancers and small businesses for years; however, it seems like it is here to stay with recent global changes. 

And while you can enjoy the more flexible schedule, you might find it feels a little too lax. Time can run away from you; you can find you are focusing too much on the little details, extra admin, and having meetings that seem to just be lasting a bit too long. 

It’s essential that you take control of your working environment and how you work too. 

And while your responsibilities and work ethic may not have changed, the lack of routine can be challenging to cope with. Not to mention that you may be surrounded by extra distractions and responsibilities, such as children doing schoolwork at home and other family members too. 

These extra items can upset the balance that you once had, so how can you smooth out your working environment and make everything work better for you? 

To look at everything with a more positive view, it’s time to focus on you and how you can do your best. 

Working hours

There are some working hours that you will need to be available for and some that you won’t. See where you have the flexibility look at where you can work best. Many people have a dip between 2-4 pm. And perhaps it picks up after 4 pm. Pushing through those two hours isn’t usually that beneficial to you. 

Early Birds

Some people can wake up at 6 am, get a jump start on their day, and tackle everything they need to. However, it is estimated that only a small portion of the population fits into the early bird category

Night Owls

It is predicted that 20% of people are night owls; they work best when the sun goes down, and they are most likely to sleep in late and go to bed late too. 

Confident young woman in smart casual wear working on laptop while sitting near window in creative office or cafe


There is an in-between, where the rest of the 70% of the population fits in. And most will muddle through working when they can. 

Start to notice where your energy dips are, and when possible, work around those times in the day. If you can move deep-think work to your productive hours, you will significantly benefit from it. 

Working Location

If you are limited to the areas in your home that you can work, it can be challenging to relax and get ‘in the zone.’ It also matters which type of worker you are. Are you an introvert that likes to wear headphones and dig into the work with no social interruptions? Or are you an outgoing, chatty type that likes to socialize while working? 

Both of these can be difficult to manage when you go remote. In some cases, the introverted worker may find that interruptions from family and friends via online chats are unwelcome and knock them off their flow. 

For the extrovert, having limited in-person contact can also be a problem. Being unable to draw from others’ energy as you work can be challenging, and the feeling of being ‘alone’ can be a lot. 

Take some time to consider which of these you fit into, and perhaps you are in-between them both. If you are introverted and perfect to have some quiet, then use your phone’s settings to help you set boundaries like no notifications. 

If you are extroverted, try to schedule calls to chat with friends and family around working hours. This can help to give you some of the energy that you require to enjoy your work. 

Personal Projects

Personal projects should be something fun that can help you relax. For some of us, that is building a new business, and for others, it is indulging in hobbies. Personal projects and relaxing time are essential to be able to separate working hours from unwinding time – even more so when you work at home. 

If you are running or trying to run a business, ensure you spend some time away from the computer, between arranging your virtual assistant, before you order a virtual office today, and ahead of trying to decide which social media automation website you will use. 

Ensure that each day you are taking time away from the computer and screens in general. This is great for your eyes, but it will also help you to get some of that much-needed relaxation time. 

Finding a balance isn’t something that just happens; it takes time to make remote work, work for you in most cases. 

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