Is Outsourcing Marketing Really Worth It?

Is outsourcing marketing really worth it? This is a question that might be on your mind, especially if you’re looking to save money in your business.

Well, it depends. If you’re thinking about outsourcing marketing for your business, then there are five key considerations.

If your business contains an in-house marketing team, it might be that you don’t need to outsource your marketing at all. Especially if they are skilled in all areas of digital marketing, you might not need to partner with an outsourcing marketing team.

However, if you don’t have an in-house team of marketers at your disposal, there are reasons why outsourcing marketing could be the right answer for you.

#1: You will benefit from the skills and expertise being offered

There is more to marketing than simply posting an ad online. You might need a copywriter and a graphic designer to help you put that ad together, as you should get better results with expert help. Many marketing teams also contain social media experts, web designers, and people adept at developing SEO strategies. These are the people who will elevate your marketing campaign to the next level, so you shouldn’t undervalue what they can offer your business. 

#2: You can find marketers who align with your business needs

Not every marketer is the same. While there are those who will offer fairly generic services, there are also those who have the requisite experience for different industry types. So, if you were a seller of vegan products, for example, you could turn to somebody with the ability to advise on vegan marketing. Never assume that marketers will never fully understand the needs of your business then. Most of them will offer a bespoke service anyway, but there are also those who know more about your product and your customers than you think. 

#3: You will free up time

Time is a valuable commodity in business, but you will quickly run out of it if you add too many tasks to your to-do list. You will have less time for the other tasks you need to do, and so will your employees if you sidetrack them with extra job requirements. This is why outsourcing your marketing is a very good idea, especially if you have nobody proficient on your team to work on it efficiently. 

Business people in a meeting

#4: You will stand out amongst your competitors

Do you want to be on the top page of Google? Hire somebody well-versed in trending SEO practices. Do you want your website to be the best in your industry? To ensure it creates an excellent first impression to potential customers, you might want to hire a web design expert. These are just two facets of marketing that will help your business rise above the competition, so don’t undervalue expert advice and support. 

#5: You will save money

When you hire a marketing team, you won’t need to…

  • Hire extra members of staff to do your marketing for you
  • Spend money on technology and software to achieve your marketing goals
  • Pay staff overtime because of their ever-expanding to-do lists

While outsourcing marketing is an expense, ultimately, you should save money in the long-run.

So, is it really worth outsourcing your marketing? For the reasons we have given here, the answer is yes! Especially when you don’t have a marketing team and your time is limited, you should consider outsourcing for the betterment of your business. 

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