A Quick Introduction To QR Codes And How They Can Help Your Marketing

QR codes have been around in Asia for some time but have really only started to take off in the US and Europe in recent years thanks to their revival by the social media site, Snapchat.

Now you will likely find these strange-looking square barcodes on a variety of materials, from product packaging to leaflets, brochures to billboards, but what are QR codes and how can they help you with your marketing efforts?

What are QR codes?

QR codes are very similar to the standard zebra barcodes that you find on items at the grocery store, except that they can hold a lot more information and so they are most commonly used as a form of paper-based hyperlink.

When scanned by a QR scanner (or the camera in most smartphones) the QR code will direct the user to a landing page, where they can then interact further with the brand.

How do you create a QR code?

The great thing about QR codes is that they are extremely simple to create. All you need to do to create one is to find a QR generator. Next, you will be prompted to enter your data, such as the address you would like the QR code to take people to, and then you may also have the option to customize the code so that it looks a certain way.

Finally, you can then download and save the code as a PNG or JPEG to your computer and should then test it using your own device to make sure that it works. You can then start tracking the performance of your code using the web analytics for the landing page you are linking to.



How can you use a QR code in marketing?

QR codes can be incorporated into virtually any type of creative marketing material, from a business card to a billboard, and used to direct consumers to information of your choice. Some common things that QR codes are used for in marketing include:

  • Taking people to a landing page
  • Taking people to a promotional video
  • Dialing a telephone number
  • Taking people to a social media profile
  • Viewing a location on Google Maps
  • Downloading a person’s contact details (VCARD)
  • Opening up a new email that contains the right email address

What are the benefits of using QR codes in your marketing?

QR codes are advantages for businesses for a number of reasons, including:


If people have to type a web address into their phone, they are less likely to do it than if they can scan a code and be taken to it automatically. QR codes are simple and easy to use, increasing the chances of people interacting with your brand.


QR codes can be used for a wide variety of things, from opening up contact details to displaying potential clients a promotional video making them a great way to keep things fresh.




QR codes are free to use, costing users nothing to scan them, and they’re often free to create too, meaning that they are an easy way to spice up your marketing.


Tracking the efficiency of print marketing can be difficult, but with a QR code, your efforts finally become measurable. The use of QR codes can be tracked using simple analytics software helping you to create valuable marketing metrics.


QR codes are still relatively novel helping you to create competitive differentiation. What’s more, QR codes are interesting, enticing c consumers to scan them in order to see where they lead.


So there you have it, a quick introduction to the world of QR codes – will you be using them in your marketing materials?

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