A Call To Action You Can’t Help But Click

call to action

The most important part of any marketing campaign is its call to action. You could have the fanciest, gorgeous, effervescent, relatable and compelling campaign ever imagined, but without a call to action, it will all be for nothing.

Your call to action is the part of your advert that encourages the viewer to take the next step; whether that is to buy something, donate money or whatever.

It is usually just a few words, but it holds all the power. It is your rallying cry, your call to arms, your statement of intent; the crescendo to your awesome speech, the very thing that will make the crowd clench their fist and charge off in the very direction you tell them to.

That is what makes coming up with a creative call to action an absolute art, and one that we are going to help you master.


Have A Call To Action Banner

A lot of thought goes into where a CTA (call to action) button should be placed on a website’s pricing pages or product purchasing pages. However, these same conscious people seem to ignore the impact and influence these buttons could have on time-sensitive offers. According to a hugely successful direct marketing company we spoke to, this is where a call to action banner can see conversion rates increase by as much as twenty-five percent.

A large, visually appealing banner that states that a certain offer is only available for a limited time only, with a call to action button placed on the banner, will have a huge amount of success on your sales.


call to action

Stop Using The Word ‘Your’

There are plenty of reasons why ‘your’ makes sense. It gives the customer the feeling of whatever they are doing is theirs, it uses a personal touch to encourage them to take the next step. It is a way of being both motivational and exclusive, and that is attractive to a lot of people a lot of the time. That is where using the word ‘my’ comes in.

The term ‘my’ makes the consumer believe what they are doing, the words on your call to action, are aimed at them. It latches onto simple psychology, and it has seen a positive impact occur on a lot more occasions than you may believe. If you don’t believe us, run a trial period where you swap ‘your’ for ‘my’ and see how much it impacts conversation rates on your site.


call to action

Give People Something To Trust

Trust signals are nothing new. Marketing executives have been using signals like security emblems, shields, privacy assurances and all sorts of other designs as a way of encouraging the customer that they can trust the website they are using. It is a good idea. But what is an even better idea is to use the power of trust immediately next to the call to action button, especially on your forms or landing pages, as this will work as a means of persuasion. Let’s say you have a form where the user needs to sign up, which inevitably means putting in some details about themselves.

If you have a little statement below all of this and just above the call to action button that states something like, ‘100% privacy – we will not share your information or spam you’, you will see your conversation rates increase organically.

call to action

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