3 Psychological Hacks To Embed Your Marketing Strategy In Your Clients Heads

Psychological Hacks

It’s a no brainer right? Companies that invest so much money into marketing ultimately dream about having their work stick. By ‘stick’ we mean something that’s ultimately remembered, and this can come in many different forms.

There’s a reason that most companies dream of being regarded as a household name. Take ‘Coca-Cola’ for instance. The brand name has become synonymous with the product, to the point where it describes the actual physical properties of it. This is a genius marketing strategy, and it’s something marketers worldwide try and replicate.


Despite not everyone having access to a revolutionary product, there’s no reason why you can’t take inspiration from the same philosophy and try to incorporate psychological hacks into your brand. There are many, and they affect different people in different ways.


What follows are 3 Psychological Hacks you can use to nestle deep within the memory of your clients, with the object goal of becoming a household name someday. Reach for the stars, land in the clouds right?


Psychological Hacks

  1. Use ‘happiness’ in order to sell your brand.


This is plainly obvious. It has been utilised since the very first marketing firm opened. You have to create a need and fill that need with your product. The most reliable form of creating a need? Show that the product makes a customer happy. Their subconscious mind will desire it. This is how cigarettes continue to sell despite modern health warnings and lack of public advertising. The echo of the ‘strong man’ or ‘ladylike’ persona was pushed so successfully in the 20th century that it still rings true today, and people still smoke. There’s no reason why your product shouldn’t use the same methods.


Psychological Hacks

  1. Exposure, exposure, exposure!


Your client needs to see your product or service from all angles. That includes all five senses if you find a way to tastefully do it. It can be giving out samples of your food product. It can be as simple as finding a place on your potential client’s smartphone by sending email marketing newsletters. It could also be through optimising your SEO. Adopt all strategies for the best success.


Psychological Hacks

  1. Create excitement by teasing a ‘surprise’ on the other side.


This is important, and it’s the thing that will generate clicks, generate likes, and ultimately generate sales. For example, instead of offering what your product is about on the main page, tempt them to click to a page that includes more detail with an attention-grabbing heading.


FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) is a real, proven psychological phenomena. This doesn’t mean you need to manipulate your customers, but generating excitement in them is ultimately the juice that will fuel them to make the purchase the create ‘happiness’ in the first place.


If you incorporate these three hacks as a foundation for all marketing strategies you explore from here on out, you’ll have much more of a footing to create some truly lavish and intriguing marketing campaigns.

Psychological Hacks


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