Easy SEO: Improve Your Presence Without Spending A Cent

easy SEO

Easy SEO is one of those terms that every web owner and digital marketing company throws around like it’s nothing.

However, for those of us who aren’t super web-savvy or have limited experience with websites, we’re left clueless as to what easy SEO actually means, what it encompasses, and how we can “buy” SEO.

Fortunately, easy SEO isn’t confusing and it’s not very expensive. Services will charge ridiculous amounts of money to optimise your website for you. Usually, it’s bundled into digital marketing packages that promise to deliver you a fully functional website that’s optimised for search engines. They’ll include a plethora of additional features that you probably don’t need.


easy SEO

Easy SEO: What does a search engine want from me?


Since we’re optimising for search engines to discover us, let’s take a look at what a search engine like Google expects from us. Firstly, content. We need to have relevant content on our websites in order for Google to register us as an actual website. Make sure your website follows a coherent theme and isn’t an amalgamation of different themes, ideas and concepts.


Next, it looks at your reputation. You can write fantastic articles and claim that you have knowledge about a certain subject, but until other people start using you as a source and linking to your website, you’re not going to have much authority in Google’s eyes.


Lastly, we have to consider the user. We need to give them a good experience in order for them to return to our website and for them to actually enjoy visiting us. For instance, if it takes more than a couple of mouse clicks for the user to reach the information they want, then you need to make it easier to navigate your website.


easy SEO

Easy SEO: How can I give a search engine what it wants?


Before we start, keep in mind that your chosen industry or theme will heavily contribute to the type of SEO that is expected of you. This excellent article titled SEO for Photographers: A Beginners Guide is a great example of how photographers can utilise specialised SEO strategies for their chosen industry. Just remember that everyone’s case is different and general SEO rules can’t be applied to everything.


Let’s talk about keywords first. Don’t fill your website with random keywords just to get the attention of the search engines. Focus on original content that mixes keywords in naturally and don’t paste them around just to try and bump up your ranking. Make sure the content is relevant and put out consistent content if you want Google to rate you highly.


As for your reputation, get involved with online discussions and communities and try to find ways to add your blog. Don’t spam it everywhere and don’t push people to visit your website—it has to come naturally and you need people to actually want to visit your website in order to spread it around. Remember that the more people who link to your website in a positive light, the more authority you will have in Google’s eyes.

easy SEO


Lastly, the user experience. This is perhaps the easiest part. Focus on a clean website, remove clutter and stop using outdated technology such as Flash. If you personally don’t enjoy browsing your website, then how will your customer react? Make a website that is enjoyable to browse and keep things neat and tidy.

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