Marketing Mysteries : Creating A Booklet

creating a booklet

These days, most people believe that marketing only works through online mediums. They feel that traditional methods simply don’t have a place in today’s modern world. But, they are wrong! Online marketing might be a hot topic among marketers nowadays. However, it complements existing offline methods.


Perhaps one of the best-known ways of marketing a brand, product, or service in the offline world is through the use of booklets. Here are some clever creating a booklet marketing strategies to try out in the pursuit of offline advertising success:

creating a booklet

Tailor your booklet to a niche audience


Businesses will no doubt have an idea of the types of customer they are trying to attract by creating a booklet. Or, do they? You might not think it, but some firms waste money on booklet marketing because they’ve forgotten the golden rule: niche targeting!


Let’s say that your business offers automotive services. Specifically, your company works with 4×4 vehicles and is a specialist in that sector. You want to target motorists that own such cars; not people who only own a motorcycle!


When creating a booklet, you must have it relate to the person or something they use/do on a regular basis. If you aren’t targeting a specific niche, your efforts could amount to nothing! With that in mind, you now have the basis to start creating a kick-ass booklet that will get you results.

creating a booklet

Think of a concept


Your booklet needs to tell a story. It must also hook the reader into it so that you can get them to do something with a call to action (i.e. “call us to place an order”). It’s worth brainstorming some concepts when creating a booklet to see which ones are most likely to have an effect.


Many businesses choose a concept that revolves around a problem that their customers have, and how that problem can be solved. When considering your idea, ensure that it makes sense and is easy to follow.

creating a booklet

Hire a graphic designer

Once you have an idea and a rough outline of how your booklet will work, it’s time to call in the professionals!

A graphic designer will take on board your project brief and requirements, and come up with some drafts for you to approve. Take a look at for ideas on how to find a good designer for your project.


Get your booklets printed out


Once the design work is done, it’s time to get it professionally printed out. It’s important that you choose the right size paper and layout for your booklet. Plus, the quality of the paper is equally as important.

Websites such as can give you more information on the types of choices available.

creating a booklet

Distribute your booklets


Last, but not least, once your booklets are hot off the presses, it’s time to hand them out! How you do that, of course, is up to you. For example, you may wish to give out booklets to potential customers at exhibitions and other events. Or you might want them delivered through people’s mailboxes.


Good luck!

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