Brand Building On A Budget: 6 Strategies You Need To Try Today!

Brand building is always a challenge especially when you’re a startup. And it’s even tougher if you have little money to spend on your marketing strategies! For many businesses, money is tight as banks aren’t so keen to lend cash to startups these days. So how can you start brand building on a budget?

You might be thinking there is little you can do to overcome a brand building problem. Except that’s not the case at all! There are plenty of ways you can build your brand without spending too much. Want to know how? Take a look at these six creative strategies!

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  1. Make sure you bend over backwards for your customers

Customer service needs to be a big deal with your business. It’s one of the easiest ways to gain a competitive advantage. Why? The reason is simple. Most companies suck at customer service! From not listening to their clients to being just plain rude to them, people have had enough. Offer a first-class service and your customers will sing your praises to their friends!


  1. Don’t be a follower

It’s often easy to just do what other companies are doing when they are marketing their own brands. After all; why reinvent the wheel, right? If you want people to notice you, it’s important to think outside the box.

Consider creative alternatives to existing marketing tactics. Just make sure you don’t do anything illegal! When you do something different from the crowd, people will take notice.


  1. Team up with other brands

One of the cheapest ways of brand building to get your name out there is to have someone else market it for you. Teaming up with other businesses is a sure-fire way to spread the word about what you do.

For instance, let’s say that you are a web design agency. Why not team up with a graphic designer? Then you can offer combined packages to your respective customers.

brand building

  1. Invest in promotional gifts

One of the tried and tested ways to brand building is with promotional gifts. I’m talking about things like USB sticks, pens, lanyards, those kinds of things.

Promotional gifts aren’t expensive to buy. They are handy when giving out “goodie bags” to people at trade shows and other events. Websites like the Dynamic Gift blog can give you some good pointers.


  1. Be an educator

People love learning about new things. It gives them the inspiration to follow new ideas and learn new skills. Are you an industry expert? Perhaps people often refer to you as the guru of your niche?

Why not share some of that knowledge with others? Consider setting up workshops that can benefit others. For instance, if you’re an IT repair shop, you could give classes on how to upgrade PCs. If you are a fashion designer, give classes on fashion styling. If you are an interior designer, conduct classes on working with colour.

brand building

  1. Do some crowdsourcing

Last, but not least, have you thought about crowdsourcing? It’s a good way to market your brand and get investment capital at the same time! In a nutshell, you can offer people the chance to get early-bird discounts on what you’ve created.


People that buy from crowdsourcing sites share details of popular projects on social media. As you can imagine, you’ll get increased exposure which is excellent for brand building.

brand building

Have you found reliable ways of brand building that have worked for you? Please share your experience with other readers.

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