How Blogging Can Build Your Business

When you are building any business, your online presence is really important. But given that you will likely want to market your business on a shoestring and maximise your returns, you definitely need to think carefully about how you approach your marketing strategy.


But if you want to add one thing that will boost your SEO without costing a fortune, a blog is the best way to go. Content is the most important part of any website. It works in partnership with a user-friendly design to present your customers with the best possible version of your business.

A blog is the perfect way to expand this space, add even more relevant information for your customers and build up your keywords.

Your website has to live up to its full potential but that doesn’t mean it has to be expensive. In fact, you can write a blog yourself. So… how can blogging build your business?

What is SEO About?

The basic principle of SEO is simple. You want to ensure that Google’s algorithm can trawl your site to find the relevant keywords in the right context so that it can rank it. SEO is simply a method to boost your site up the rankings.



If you are inexperienced with SEO, a good starting point should always be to get informed. Go to for a quick update on SEO and their 6-part plan to the ultimate SEO strategy. But what is at the top of this list? You guessed it: content.

How to Use a Blog to Build Your Content

Most businesses don’t need a large website with lots of pages to show off their products and services. But everyone can make the most of a blog to expand their site and incorporate as many relevant keywords as possible.



To find a range of keywords a site like SemRush is a good starting point. However, as you write, you will find that you will naturally incorporate lots of relevant key terms simply because it is impossible to write about something without using the word for it!


As you build your blog, you should also consider which words you want to rank for but don’t at the moment. Tailoring your content this way should help boost you up the rankings for these terms, just make sure that your content is still readable and relevant to your customers.

Make Your Blogs Shareable

When you write, you must always have a reader in mind. But you must also consider what the reader will want to share.

The more shareable your content is, the more likely people are to pass the link on via social media, boosting your readership and increasing the number of links back to your site.



Have a look at the sort of questions your readers ask and which themes and subjects are trending at the moment. You should also work your titles so that they are as clickable as possible. Try to make it clear what the content is about but tempt people in with an interesting twist.

One Response to “How Blogging Can Build Your Business”
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