Content Marketing Advice: The Media and The Medium

content marketing advice

Content marketing advice is ever-changing as platforms, algorithms, markets and technology changes. So when it comes to media and the medium, how do you create the best approach to content for yuor marketing campaigns?

Content, it’s the dreaded C-word that we can overthink until we are blue in the face!

Content is such an ever-changing beast, that it seems when we are looking to improve our productivity or save time in business, content marketing advice doesn’t lend itself well to working quickly.

We always have to put the effort and the time into making it as great as possible. But is there any key to making the best content?


#1 Content Marketing Advice: Have Original Content

If it’s been said once, it’s been said 1000 times! Not only is it beneficial for your followers, but it is also the best way to get yourself up those Google rankings.

Original content isn’t just about articles or blogs anymore. In fact, YouTube is one of the most commonly used search engines for original content. So if you are focusing your marketing campaigns on just one area, such as social media, and this is making waves, it is time to diversify.

There are many marketing consulting services that provide advice on creating the best content, and they will always ask you if you’re creating original content.

Not just original in terms of the idea, but if it relates to your business appropriately. Original content is all well and good, but if it’s not related to your products, are potential customers going to make the link?

If we’ve learned anything from The Simpsons, it’s that an arthouse movie style commercial for a snow plowing service isn’t going to work!


#2 Content Marketing Advice: Provide Answers

Content for your marketing campaign should provide answers. People are always looking for real results when they type a question into Google.

When you have a marketing campaign that is disjointed and provides no real insight into your product it highlights how poorly thought through the marketing is.

It’s all well and good providing bells and whistles but if it doesn’t create that emotional need in the customer, it’s not going to result in sales. It’s back to the basics of advertising- create that emotional needs for the product so that it provides that eureka moment for the customer.


#3 Content Marketing Advice: The Facts, Man, Just The Facts

Regardless of the content, hyperbole is the enemy of good marketing. We’re all very aware of fake news, and in this incredibly competitive environment, all it takes is one misstep and our customers lose all trust in our abilities.

Our reputation is essential, and when we are providing content, like a blog, and it’s actually an accurate, this reflects poorly on the company. Customers are lost, and reputation will take a long time to rebuild.

When we are creating the best content for our marketing campaigns, it’s not just about the information presented, but it’s about how we present it. The media and the medium are as essential as each other.

But regardless of the platform, the best content still conforms to the age-old practices: original content, making it optimized for the best search engine results, as well as continual updates, and the list goes on.

It’s an ongoing battle, but when we strike gold in terms of how best to present our product, we will see the results for themselves.

Header Image: Photo by Lukas on Unsplash

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