Business Blogging: Making It Work for Your Brand

business blogging

Business blogging is now a widely recognized method of promoting your brand.Why? And what will business blogging do for you?

Business blogging helps with SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), keeps the content on your website fresh and provides useful information for your customers and potential customers.

However, simply having a business blog isn’t enough to make sure it’s successful. Even if you update it regularly, your blog may not be as successful as you need it to be.

A successful business blog must effectively promote your business, and there are various things you can do to get it right.

business blogging

Connect with Your Readers


Business blogging is a great place to connect with your customers or people who could become customers in the future.

It gives you somewhere to reach out to them online, apart from on social media. You should use your blog posts to start conversations with your readers.

For example, you might ask a question at the end of your blog that is relevant to the post and ask people to answer in the comments.

If your blog has a comments section on each page, make sure you engage with people who leave comments.

You also need to keep an eye on content posted so you can get rid of spam and moderate inappropriate content too.

business blogging

Be Helpful and Informative


One of the most important business blogging rules to keep in mind is that you shouldn’t just talk about yourself all the time.

Although your blog is there to promote your brand, no one will want to read it if all you do is just talk about how good your products or services are.

You need to get the attention of your target market by providing helpful information about things they are interested in.

If you run a real estate investment firm, your blog could offer property investing tips to your readers. They will find your blog while looking for advice and then see that you offer services they might need.

Don’t just stick too closely to what you sell, though. There are other relevant and related topics you might cover.

business blogging

Use Keywords and Phrases


Successful b uisness blogging will help you improve the SEO for your website, which means you should be using relevant keywords when you post your content.

It’s a good idea to base a blog post around a keyword or phrase you want to target, although you should obviously be careful to make it natural.

It’s a good idea not just to concentrate on short single words or two or three-word phrases. You can think about the natural way that people search for things, such as in the form of a question.

It’s important to keep your keyword research up to date so you can keep posting relevant content on your blog.


Promote Your Brand


While you don’t want to only talk about your brand all the time, you also shouldn’t ignore it completely.

Certainly mention your products or services where it’s appropriate and even have posts dedicated to them.

For example, you might have some content with information on how to make the most of your products.

You can have instructional or inspirational posts that explain how to do things or give people ideas for how to use your products.

So, if your business sells sewing supplies, you might post creative tutorials. Sometimes when you promote your brand, it could just be a small mention to direct people towards your products or services.

business blogging

Use Visual Content


Writing blog posts is the main way you are likely to use your blog, but it’s important to remember that people like visual content too.

One way to provide it is to ensure you include images in your blog posts. This is particularly important for illustrative purposes, if you’re giving instructions, for example.

However, you could also add visual content by having infographics or even posting videos on your blog. Instead of writing out a tutorial with photos, why not record one on video instead?

You can still post it to your blog with additional content. You can also use other people’s images and videos to support your content, as long as you give the correct credit.

business blogging

Get Your Team to Contribute


A great way to enhance business blogging is to get other people to contribute to it. You can ask your team members to write posts for the blog to show that they are all invested and passionate about your brand.

Everyone is likely to have something they can contribute and you can help them come up with ideas and polish their posts.

They could contribute now and then to ensure a wide range of content on your blog, but they don’t need to help out all the time.


Listen to Your Customers


If you want to post helpful information on your blog but you’re not sure where to start, think about what your customers usually want to know. Which questions do you often get asked?

You might have compiled an FAQ section for your site before, but answering questions in an in-depth blog post is a good idea too.

It will help people to find your site when they have the same questions, whether it’s specifically about your products or a more general topic that relates to your industry.

business blogging

Keep Your Blog Organized


It’s important not to neglect your blog and leave it with no new content for months. However, coming up with new ideas all the time can be difficult.

If you want to make sure you always have something new to post, it’s best to be organized and plan things in advance. Make a list of keywords and topics to use and, if possible, have some posts set up in advance so you can schedule them for whenever you want.

You can always outsource your blog writing if you don’t have time to maintain it yourself.

A business blog could be great for your brand, but only if you use it properly. Make an effort to post content that your audience will love.

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