A Marketing Strategy for $500? Yup! That’s Right

A Marketing Strategy for $500

A marketing strategy for $500? This may not seem believable at first, but it is totally possible to launch a successful marketing campaign for your business with only $500. Yes. We said it. We said those three things in the same sentence; $500 Successful Marketing.


You see, a high impact marketing campaign simply requires employing the right strategies and knowing which activities offer the best rates of return. Of course, the most effective way to do this is to head online, but the least effective way is to market your business on every social media platform out there. It is just a matter of distinguishing these things. You need to get yourself out there but in places that will optimize the very best chance of getting to prospective clients or customers.


And here is how to do that.


Research Everything You Can.

Ask any marketing expert, strategist or blogger, and they will all tell you that research is the most effective and important part of absolutely any marketing campaign. It is a fact. What’s more, research costs you approximately nothing? That is right. It costs you $0.

What research does is allow you to better understand the market and the avenues, and thus you will be able to better know where to focus your efforts and investments. You could have a budget of $50,000, it still wouldn’t work unless you did you research first. So do it.


A Marketing Strategy for $500

The Power Of Email

That’s right. Even with all the new platforms and shiny new tools available to people, email marketing still has a huge place within almost all marketing requirements. It provides the ultimate return on effort. It is simply a matter of knowing how to use your email list to cleverly utilize the power of direct mail marketing. It is so simple.

Anyone on your email list has voluntarily signed up to hear about your latest offerings, they have reached out to you, they want to know what is going on, so make sure you don’t waste this channel. Focus on it. Take advantage of it. Spend the $300 it will take to have an epic email marketing campaign and make it the focal point of your strategy.


A Marketing Strategy for $500

Social Media

Social Media definitely deserves a place within your strategy and that is because it is a total phenomenon. Everyone uses it. If they see your company name somewhere – or hear it in conversation – they are going to check out the Facebook page before they even Google it.

As such, make sure your research includes which social media platform will suit you best. If you offer a visual product, then head over to Instagram and Pinterest. If you offer a business service, then make sure you are active on LinkedIn and have a blog. But don’t spread yourself too thin.

Just go with one or two avenues and spend $200 on advertising through them. Concentrate on spending the money on content that did well organically and then boost them by turning them into paid ads to attract more people. It’s cheap and it’s effective, and that is what you want.


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