Charity Marketing: How To Succeed

charity marketing

Charity marketing, or marketing a not-for-profit organization, is highly competitive as more charities work for the donation dollar.


If you run a charity, then first, well done. It’s a tough job with little reward other than whatever you take from it. But, it is just like running a business. You will need to pay employees, run an office, pay for electricity bills, etc. You will also need to think about your charity marketing.

To attract more contributions, marketing is extremely important. If people don’t know about your charity then they aren’t going to give you any money. But marketing costs money, and so you enter into a vicious circle. This article gives you some hints and tips on professional charity marketing. You may already have tried some, but give the others a go and see how well they work.


charity marketing

Target Your Marketing


Different types of charity marketing resonate with different people. So you must target different audiences for the best result. There are many different ways to influence millennial donors, but think about older people too. Older people are more likely to be parents, so incorporating children into your marketing campaign can be a good tactic and bring you additional interest. Using children in a charity marketing campaign must be done relevantly and sensitively. Potential donors must see you as a credible and genuine organization, not opportunistic.

Research your target audience – who are they? what do they read? how do they get their information? what is important to them? Play around until you find a winning formula and stick to it. It may take you a while to work out what works, but the time spent researching and testing is well worth it.


charity marketing

Use Social Media


You can reach thousands of people through social media. It is a medium you need to exploit to get the best out of your charity marketing efforts. Post images, videos and articles. Sprinkle them with links back to your donor page. If they read a great article, and it resonates with them, then they are more likely to donate to your charity.

NEVER try to pull people in with clickbait, because they will not give you anything and simply click out. It annoys people and you’ll lose respect as a result. Ensure your presence is all encompassing. Use Facebook, Twitter, and even specific platforms like Instagram and Linkedin. The more people who see you as credible the more they will choose to help out and donate to a good cause.


charity marketing

Go Old School


Get out on the streets. Hand out leaflets showing what you do and why you do it. It could be helping crises points like those of Syria or Eastern Ukraine. It could be getting water to villages in Africa who have none. It could be helping homeless people in your town. Whatever it is and whatever you do, make sure your leaflets reflect this.

Put your most passionate workers out there so they can speak to people and educate them about your organization. If you have done research and have marketing collateral that resonates, you will attract donations. This old school tactic is likely to attract lots of interest. Remember, you are doing a good thing, and good people will want to get on board if they have the spare cash to do so.

charity marketing

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