An Event : The Best Marketing Technique You’ve Never Tried

The Best Marketing Technique

Every business owner is well aware of just how important marketing is to the success of their business. Your business simply can’t survive without customers. And without a fantastic marketing strategy, you’re never going to be able to get their attention and draw them in.


The right marketing campaign can double the number of customers to your business practically overnight. It can create a great deal of hype, and you’ll find yourself with more customers than you know what to do with. But the wrong kind of marketing can almost entirely cripple your business.

Not only can bad marketing be ineffective at bringing in customers but it can actually turn customers off and do some real damage to the reputation of your business. This leads to a lot of business owners playing it safe when it comes to their marketing which, while cutting down on risks, means that they’re never really able to get the most out of the marketing campaigns.

Of all of the different forms of marketing that you could choose, there is one that is incredibly effective yet often ignored by businesses; and that is the promotional event.

A big part of the reason that many businesses shy away from running events to promote themselves is that they often consider it to either a) be too much work to ever be worth it and b) that it’s the kind of thing that only very large businesses can do.

Well, in reality, neither of those things are accurate. Sure it can be a lot of work, but unlike things like flyers or social media posts which attempt to reach people on an individual level, an event is designed to engage a lot of customers all at once in a very significant way. And there are plenty of events that smaller businesses can run that don’t eat up all the money you have. If you need more convincing, here are a few reasons why an event is the best type of marketing that you’ve never tried!

The Best Marketing Technique


It get’s attention


People are used to a lot of companies marketing themselves through a lot of common methods. We’re all used to the Facebook posts that businesses put out to try and entice us. And a lot of people are immune to a lot of traditional advertising these days. But an event is still  attention-grabbing, even now. If you can turn it into something that customers haven’t seen from any of your competitors, then you can guarantee that it’s going to make you stand out from the crowd.


It can create a sense of community


One of the best ways to draw people into your business is to create a sense of community between them and other customers. It’s a natural human instinct to want to feel a part of a group, that’s why the fans of certain TV shows give themselves names. An event allows you to tap into that sense by giving your customer the opportunity to interact with each other. If they are engaged with your product, then there’s a pretty good chance they at least have some things in common. Not only that but it gives them a chance to network with each other as well as with you and your business, creating an even more positive association with your event, and by extension your business.

The Best Marketing Technique


There’s something for everyone


One of the toughest things about marketing a business is trying to figure out who you’re marketing it to. That’s not just a matter of knowing who your target audience is, although that’s certainly very important. A big part of the problem that many businesses have is that it can be tricky to know how to market to both customers and investors.

The main solutions that a lot of businesses come up with are that they either create separate marketing strategies, which can be a waste of resources, or try to appeal to them both at once, which can lead to a marketing campaign that is just totally bland and lacking in any personality.

An event avoids both of these problems because it gives you the chance to engage with both customer and investors at once. All you need to do is set out a specific investors area that regular customers can’t access. By using something like wristbands from then you’re able to easily differentiate between the two at a moment’s glance. Of course, investors are more than welcome to see everything customers can, but you’re able to offer something specifically for them.

The Best Marketing Technique


People can make memories


At events, companies set up things like photo booths so that people can take some fun, silly photos to have as mementos of the event. This creates some very positive associations with your business. It also means customers can come away with things that will constantly keep your business in the front of their minds. The same goes for free gifts or goody bags. It’s something that you customers will appreciate, but it also gives you yet another branding opportunity.


You can speak directly to customers

One of the biggest barriers with things like digital marketing is that it’s often impossible for businesses to communicate with customers face-to–face. This means that customers often feel a certain sense of distance from your business. After all, it’s hard to relate to a faceless company, even one you like. At an event, you can actually get out there and meet your customers. Showing them the people behind the business is a small gesture, but it can have a huge impact on how your business is perceived. Now, instead of being a faceless company, your business is something that’s built up of friendly, passionate people who they’ve had the chance to talk to face-to-face.

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