Here’s Where Your Marketing Dollars Need To Go

marketing dollars

Marketing dollars? What are they?


There is no doubt that marketing on a shoestring budget is pretty annoying. If only you had the millions to blast on marketing your company could be massive. Alas, that isn’t the case and you have to keep up with the rest by spending the bare minimum.

This strategy obviously has its pitfalls but it also has its advantages if you look carefully enough. Just because you have a small budget doesn’t mean you can’t mix it with the big boys especially if you funnel your marketing dollars into these areas.

marketing dollars


Website Management

The first and most important thing to remember is that marketing is pointless without a working website. Consumers and online users won’t put up with it anymore because they have so many different options. If your site doesn’t work properly they won’t think twice about bouncing elsewhere to satisfy their needs.

That’s why you need put marketing dollars into your site’s maintenance. As long as you have the resources at your disposal your site will work twenty-four-seven. That in itself is a good marketing strategy because the longer you are open the more chance of making a conversion.

marketing dollars


Content Marketing

Content will keep your readers coming back for more every day, week, month and year. Better yet it will encourage new readers to come to the site to read what they see as great content. The problem with today’s content is simple: it is all the same.

Readers can’t get content that stimulates them so they don’t put much emphasis on it. Businesses see this and think that content is only good for putting words on the screen. In reality, content will give you a monopoly on a large readership, one that can grow even bigger, and syncs with other facets of marketing. SEO, for example, links seamlessly into everyday content.

marketing dollars


Paid Advertising

Why bother spending marketing dollars on advertising that you don’t know will work? It seems like a big waste of money and it IS a big waste of money. What isn’t a waste is spending money on advertising that you know will work. The trick is to pay for space on sites with high levels of traffic to expose your brand. Although it isn’t an exact science it is better than shooting wildly and hoping that you hit the target. It can be expensive but the benefits often outweigh the costs in most cases.

marketing dollars



There is no excuse not to train yourself or your staff in the arts of marketing. For starters, there is so much to consider that one person can’t learn it all. They need help from professionals like Gotch SEO. Plus, training is a great way to

Plus, training is a great way to up-skill your workforce without spending a fortune. Sure you can invest in technology and hope that it transforms your fortunes but it isn’t always wise. Employees have skills that software doesn’t, which is why it is important to invest in their future.

Spend your dollars wisely and your marketing strategy will help your business reap the rewards.

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