Essential Elements To Modern Real Estate Marketing

modern real estate marketing

These days, modern real estate marketing means operating in real time; generating, developing and then managing leads as fast as they’re interacting with your company.

When you’re in real estate, you need to be leveraging all the tech you have at your disposal to keep on top of the many changes constantly taking place in your marketing funnel. If you’re looking to refresh your modern real estate marketing strategy, here are some essential elements to think about.


Create a Foundation Before Going Mobile

You’re not going to need to worry about managing various leads when you’re out of the office if you’re not generating enough to develop your business! With this in mind, it’s absolutely essential to build a decent digital marketing foundation for your brand; something to attract your target market, get you seen on SERPs, earns your website clicks, and turn idle visitors into leads.

Start off with a professional grade of real estate web design, ending with a platform that you’ll be able to optimize with ease, adding new posts and photos without the need of any expensive development. From there, most of your efforts should go towards scaling your content creation, and building a system for promotions and ads to dangle your message in front of the right leads.


modern real estate marketing

Nurture Leads with Personalised Messages

As with any modern real estate marketing campaign, the emails you send out to your leads and existing clients need to be carefully drafted. Of course, it’s 2017, and you don’t need to be hunched over a desktop or laptop to do this anymore. As long as you have the right apps and tools in place, you can send automated and manual emails directly from your smartphone.

If your mobile CRM gives you a notification that one of your leads is interested in a particular property, you can start to nurture them from your phone immediately. Start by adding your newest interested leads to automated drip emails through an email marketing interface. Then, follow this up by manually writing more personalised emails to the hottest prospects.

Many of these interfaces will also allow you to add notes and reminders to get back into contact with certain leads. The best part of this model is that you’ll be reaching them when they’re the most interested, which is essential in the modern marketing arena.

The best part of this model is that you’ll be reaching them when they’re the most interested, which is essential in the modern real estate marketing arena.


modern real estate marketing

Go Real-Time With your Device

This is where your modern real estate marketing really gets fun. Standard office work is inevitable for any business owner, but the real-time, on-the-go side of your marketing can be heaps of fun when you employ the right tactics.

Modern mobile devices have opened up all kinds of opportunities for mobile content creation, such as videos. You could, for example, start shooting little clips and video tours of your open houses, not to mention conversations with clients, walks around town, and various other aspects of your local market, without ever having to sit down at a desk.

Sure, you should have some kind of plan in place for your content, but don’t neglect the power you carry around in your pocket!

modern real estate marketing

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