Crowded Office Communications, Here’s What To Do

crowded office communications

Crowded office communications can affect one of the most important aspects of running a business;  teamwork. Without it, your staff members won’t know how to cooperate and they won’t be on the same page.

Your teams and departments need to be working on the same wavelength if you want to run a successful company, but this is easier said than done despite how basic the principles of teamwork are.

Communication is paramount when it comes to creating an efficient and productive team of staff. If your team doesn’t have a way to communicate effectively, or if they don’t see a reason to, then it’s going to be difficult getting them to all work together. In order to remedy this, I’ve compiled some different ways you can improve crowded office communications even if you barely have space to breathe.


crowded office communications

Improve your workflow

One of the first things you should consider is how your team communicates in accordance with your workflow. For example, if you’re designing a new product, then a typical workflow may go like this: your design team draws up a concept, it’s sent to your marketing department to create promotional concepts, and your development team works on building a prototype.

If you want this to flow smoothly, then you need to have your design team in constant contact with your marketing and development teams. This requires physically moving your office around so that the design team is within close proximity of the other teams.

However, an alternate method is to get a CCMN phone or a similar device. These office phones allow your team members to stay in touch with each other through your business’s phone line even if they aren’t in the office. Many companies rely on mobile employees or remote staff members that work abroad or out in the field. These members are still vital to your business, so you need to give them a way to contribute to the office without slowing things down.


crowded office communications


Using cloud software

An advantage of cloud software is the ability to access it on most modern smartphones, tablets and laptop devices. You don’t need to pre-install software to access those files and functions, making it suitable for remote employees or if you want flexible access. Cloud services like Slack make it easy for a team to keep in touch and on top of their tasks. The chat interface is intuitive and simple to use, it can be accessed on a variety of different devices, and it’s a simple and clean way to keep crowded office communications without the need to be in physical proximity or on voice chat programs at the same time.


crowded office communications


Open and closed plan offices

Another major factor in communication is the overall plan of your office. Open plan offices encourage interaction among employees. This is important when you have to be in constant communication.

However, if you chose a closed plan office, then it’s more suitable for when certain members of staff or teams need to be separated in order to be more productive. For example, if you keep a team of video editors in the same room then they’ll likely be working on the same or similar tasks. If you have an accountant in the same room, they’ll easily be distracted and they don’t necessarily need to be in the same room.

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