What Your Office Says About Your Company

your office

We’re told never to judge a book by its cover, but it’s human nature to make quick first impressions. When someone first sets foot in your office, what is their initial reaction going to be?

This is crucial in building proper, long-term professional relationships with clients and suppliers. In addition, the productivity of staff is higher in an office in which they’re proud to work. Look at your workplace, and your office, and answer the following questions to see if it is truly reflective of the ideologies of your company.

your office

Tidy or messy?

A messy space can give off a bad impression to new people. It will look disorganised, which in itself can be seen to reflect the level of organisation within the company. Keep any papers filed away in cabinets, and try to keep desk clutter to a minimum. Try to utilise desk drawers and locker spaces to keep items secure. Your office will look larger, more open, and more inviting when kept neat.

Traditional or modern?

Does the contemporariness of your office mirror the style of your company? There’s no right or wrong answer here; it’s just about what suits you and your business’s ethos. For example, a more tech-led company may look to have more a more modern decor, with modular desks and mobile office chairs. On the other hand, a fashion company may prefer large mahogany desks, a chandelier, and heavy curtains. It’s all about the style you would like to be associated with your business.

your office

Open plan or closed office?

The layout of your office can demonstrate how you would like your workers to interact. An open plan office suggests you want staff to collaborate and bounce ideas off each other. A more closed design would suggest you prefer staff to work as individuals, with limited interactions with other workers. The way your staff work will be defined by how their office is laid out, so careful consideration needs to be made.

Cold or warm?

Is your office a cold and desolate place, or warm and welcoming? An office that contains just desks, chairs, filing cabinets, and maybe the odd motivational poster is not a particularly inspiring office to be in. For many companies, it is important that their office is a space in which staff enjoy spending time. All it takes is some plants, interesting wall art, and a comfortable temperature to ensure that staff remain focused and productive.

your office

Personal or corporate?

Does the office just feel like any other workspace you’ve ever been in, or does it feel specific to your company? Personalised decorations such as certificates and awards are great at making the office feel individualised. Artwork pertaining to the company ethos is a brilliant way to demonstrate a sense of community to workers, while also adding colour and interest to the room.

With office decoration and layout, it’s all about projecting who you are as a company to staff and visitors, and ensuring that people leave with a positive experience. After all, that’s how you want your company to be known.

your office

Header image from jdpereiro on Pixabay. Other images also from Pixabay. Please click the image to see the photographer.

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