Pimp Your Office With These Incredibly Cheap Ideas

Pimp Your Office

So you’ve decided that your office looks quite dull and uninspiring. But, you don’t have a big budget to give it an overhaul to make it look fresh and creative.


What can you do? Well, it might surprise you to know that there are several cheap ways to pimp your office!

Pimp Your Office


There’s nothing wrong with trying to spruce up your working environment. In fact, doing so is a good idea if you wish to increase productivity! Here are some interesting workplace hacks you can apply today that won’t cost your business a small fortune:


Pimp Your Office: Create a feature wall by hacking away some plaster


Assuming it’s okay for you to do so in your building, why not create a feature wall that shows exposed brickwork? If you have the tools, you can carefully remove the plaster covering the bricks for free.


Once you’ve cleaned up the wall and area, apply some inexpensive glossy brick sealer. Now you’ll have no problems with damp or water ingress, and you’ll have a cool feature wall!

Pimp Your Office


Pimp Your Office: Give your office an accented look


Let’s say that your office has a typical “clinical white” colour scheme to it. Why not add a splash of colour to some objects to create an accent look? For instance, you could choose a bold colour like bright green or blue and paint things like door frames or air conditioning ducts. The accented look is brilliant for breaking up an otherwise monotonous and uninspiring look.

Pimp Your Office


Pimp Your Office: Get a plumbed-in water cooler installed


In many an office, there is seldom enough cold water drinking facilities. Sure, you could head over to the nearest kitchen and get some tap water. But, it’s usually warm and might even taste a little odd. And the last thing you want to do is keep buying bottled water for people to drink!


It’s a good thing that office water coolers resolve all those problems! What’s more, they are affordable, so you need not blow your budget keeping your staff hydrated.


Pimp Your Office: Partition off part of your office space


Do you prefer the look that open plan offices offer? If so, you may well hate the idea of spending thousands having a purpose-built meeting room installed at your premises. Of course, you’d like to have some degree of privacy and concentration when you have meetings.


Flexible partitions can give you the dedicated space you need and at a low price. You can get ones of varying heights, and they give you the option to reconfigure things to suit your needs.

Pimp Your Office


Pimp Your Office: Get a pinball machine


Last, but not least, give something for your staff to do in their spare time by installing a pinball machine! They are inexpensive and come in a range of shapes and sizes! If you are planning to create a dedicated chill out room in your office space, a pinball machine is a perfect addition to it.
Well, that just about sums up today’s blog post. I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I have writing it for your viewing pleasure!

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