Improve Productivity By Making A Few Simple Office Changes

improve productivity

Your office is a reflection of your business and the right environment can definitely improve productivity. It can indicate to your staff the way you want them to work and show visitors what your values are. Some offices are full of personality, while others can seem dull and cluttered.

With a few simple changes, you can transform the space in which you spend a lot of time, and make it a more pleasant place for people to work. You can also make it a more welcoming and impressive place for any clients who come to meet you. While using some fancy interior design techniques will add personality, sometimes you just need to get your office organized to improve productivity.

improve productivity

Clean Out the Clutter

Whenever you redesign any space, you need to begin by getting rid of the inevitable clutter. Offices can get cluttered incredibly easily because no-one has the job of throwing things away. You could have files and filing cabinets full of documents that are no longer important. You might have old office equipment, such as printers, which no one ever uses anymore.Unless you have documents you are required to retain by law, then you probably have a lot of outdated information that is no longer required.

Clearing out some of this clutter will allow your office to breathe again and give you more space. You can look for one of the cheapest rubbish removal services to help you dispose of anything you don’t want or need. You might also want to recycle some items or even put some things into storage.

improve productivity

Consider a Layout Change

If you’re trying to improve productivity you could consider reconfiguring the layout. It doesn’t have to be a dramatic change, but a few adjustments could make the space flow better. You could make it easier to move between desks, for example. You could create some extra space for people to convene or have group meetings. If you are expanding or have the budget, consider a more significant change. For example, if everyone is currently in cubicles, think about opening up the space to make it more sociable.

Think of the space as being vacant. Disregard where things are now and start fresh, without preconceived ideas about where furniture is currently. Use graph paper to create a new layout; you might be surprised at how flexible your space actually is.

improve productivity

Add Extra Comfort to Your Office

Your office should be a comfortable place for your staff, to improve productivity, and also any visitors and clients. Although, some would say it shouldn’t be too comfortable. While everyone should have decent chairs at their desks, you can also consider some other comforts and niceties. For example, you can create a relaxing area with a sofa, either for breaks or for working. You can add conveniences for drinks or snacks, such as a water cooler or even a vending machine.

improve productivity

Create a New System for Organizing

If you want to avoid your office getting too cluttered again, you need to put a system in place. You can create a policy for your staff to follow so everyone can help to keep it tidy. Make sure you have appropriate storage and filing systems to make things easier. You can also ensure you have a policy on what should be digital and what people can print out. There’s little need for hundreds of physical file anymore, so try to store as much as you can digitally.

An office overhaul can help to organize your entire business. It creates a better working environment and makes your business look more respectable.

improve productivity

Header image courtesy of Jennifer Pacca Interiors

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